Is P&G Making the Cut in Men’s Shaving Market?

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April 29 (Bloomberg) -- Julie Hyman reports on P&G’s new razor technology on Bloomberg Television's “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

One, the only, sean penn, talking about the opportunities for recovery in haiti.

Thank you are much, stephanie ruhle.

Procter and gamble is looking to shake up the shaving market today.

They are calling it the dice and razor.

I hear the dice and razor and i think about a vacuum cleaner going over someone's face.

Fair enough, to be fair they are calling -- we are calling it that, because it has a ball bearing with some kind of technology gliding over the face.

If only you could have a face vacuum.

That could be your invention.

We will give you credit for that, alix steel.

Appropriately it will sell for between 1150 and 1260. what is so revolutionary about this is they are not just adding another blade, the recent trend in laser technology.

It will give you a good shape, but they are looking at the architecture itself and trying to improve on that, doing it with the launch in about 40 minutes with omar epps.

They have got some hot indie band playing in a nightclub.

How big is this market?

I'm sure one of the issues is that you cannot clothe the market once you reach all the men who are shaving.

Not only that, we have seen a decline in demand for razors.

Grooming is about 10% of their revenue but 16% of their operating profit.

However, we have seen their revenue decline for the first year and five for the grooming segment.

We have seen a bit of a market share issue because of the new subscription clubs, like harry's and the dollar shaved club, where you pay a monthly fee and you get the razors monthly.

You have also seen declines in the market for razors overall.

There are a couple of reasons behind that.

First of all, beards are more fashionable now.

We can thank brooklyn for what has happened to the beard market . i was talking with an analyst over at ernestine who said also because we have seen the unemployment rate rising, if you don't have a job you are not shaving is often.

Also, the aging of the u.s. population, older men not going into work are not shaving as often, this all affects the markets in razors.

Razors are really tied to

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