Is Oprah the Next Owner of the LA Clippers?

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April 30 (Bloomberg) -- Robert Tilliss, CEO of Inner Circle Sports, takes a look at who the potential buyers of the Los Angeles Clippers are on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Where are we in the various stages of the potential sale of the clippers?

We are still in the early stages.

The process needs to unfold.

The commissioner needs to hold a board of governors meeting to get the required three quarters vote in order to have the league take membership from the clippers.

I think that process will unfold over time.

. how long do something like that take?

I would say they would probably schedule a special board meeting for that.

I would say in the next 30 days you will see the board come together.

Then what happens?

If the board votes to revoke that interest and there is no opposition, they would take the team back, put their own management and to continue to run the team operations on a day-to-day basis in order to sell the team.

And how long would that take, new management and a sale?

Hard to say, based on what the league did in new orleans, where they took over the franchise, and a different circumstance, i would say six months timeframe or longer potentially.

Is impossible the l.a. clippers would have a new owner by the end of 2014? i think that would be the goal, and with an accelerated timeframe of having somebody come in october when the season starts if they could achieve that.

What about the actual price of the clippers?

We just advise the new ownership of the milwaukee bucks , and they set an nba record of that value of $550 million.

I think this will be potentially far in excess of that, given the amount of demand, given that it is los angeles both from an international and national appeal.

What kind of appeal would oprah winfrey be as a part owner of an nba franchise?

I think there would be a lot of interest in having opera be part of the league.

That is a very strong group people are talking about, but i think there'll be others that will emerge, given the fact it is los angeles, a very strong team, strong coach, strong players.

It's attractive in a fairly robust situation.

David geffen?

I think he has been looking at other teams in the past.

There are other names that are out there, people who i think will continue to look, from the world of private equity, real estate.

It will be a broad, broad auction.

Donald sterling, what happens to him?

Does he get the money from the sale of the team?

That will be subject to the nba and their lawyers and their ability to work out an agreement with him.

Thank you very much, rob.

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