Is Online Media Getting Too Crowded?

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Jan. 28 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Jon Erlichman and Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist and Define America Founder Jose Antonio Vargas discuss Yahoo earnings, the takeaway from the numbers and the growing popularity of digital media with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

For the new york times, the huffington post.

I want to begin with jon.

Give us your highlights on yahoo!

Numbers today.

I think you saw more of the same.

This is a company that iterates consistently when billion dollars, sometimes more every few months.

You look back over the last few years and that is when you have not seen growth.

There are two takes.

You could say this is a business that has a huge valuable asset in its stake in ali baba.

Without that, we would be asking more questions about the gross story.

The flipside is maybe that is a question for them.

Maybe they can take more risk.

Some might say that marissa mayer is tying a lot of stuff.

Could she be trying more stuff?

Does she have that opportunity?

Talk about the risks.

She is make a wake which and that digital content -- big push into the digital content.

I think it is hard to say.

You are right.

She has made high-profile hires.

That is clearly a step toward trying to make all of this work.

Does having certain people, a few high-profile hires, is a small part of the story.

You need to give people the tools they need to support staff, producers, all the stuff you need to create high content that she is going up against.

It is a significant step.

No doubt about it.

Jose, what do you think about the katie couric hire i yahoo!? what exactly is yahoo!? does it even matter?

It is interesting that marissa has made big hires in the media space.

They just heard -- hired a girl who is a phenomenal editor.

Are they in the news content business?

When did that happen?

I think a lot remains to be seen on where this is going.

It certainly goes toward a trend where we are seeing journalists who have brand names that are taking their audiences with them and not just katie couric and david poe.

You mentioned ezra cody worked with.

We overlapped at the washington post.

He is starting his own thing.

I think he was -- what are your thoughts on this?

What are his chances of success?

I biggest worry here is at the end of the day, all of us in this new age of media we are dealing with, you have to your own institution.

What is that about?

What i find interesting is the move of all of these people.

Will the content be judged?

We know how much ezra klein is worth.

If it is the graphics and all of that stuff, people will think on that.

Or are they clinging to that because it was on the washington post website?

You do nothing automatically he will succeed?

I don't think there is a guarantee on anything.

I do not think there is a guarantee that katie couric will be a hit for yahoo!. i do not think there will be a guarantee that david poe will be bigger at yahoo!


We are in this transition stage i think.

What worries me for journalists themselves is this has become i, me, and i. everyone has a twitter account and youtube and facebook.

Let's talk about that.

I did a big interview with tom perkins yesterday.

Great interview.

I got a lot of coverage nationally and on buzz feed.

Buzz feed posted the 10 most jaw-dropping comments from out of touch millionaires on bloomberg tv.

Publicity is great for us, but is this the fact that content is going in this direction?

Is it a good thing?

I have been a journalist for over a decade.

The two most exciting news organizations are buzz feed and another that came out of nowhere.

There was a book called the filter bubble.

How defensible are these new content models if they can start out of nowhere?

I think that is the exciting part of it.

What is interesting is i was one of the first -- i was at the washington post for several years and i work at the huffington post.

I remember people thought i was crazy to leave the washington post to work for arianna.

Look at where the huffington post is now.

This was pre-aol.

What about the business model?

Is it defensible?

What they have done that is impressive if they have taken advantage of the social platform in a way that a lot of others have it.

They didn't realize the value of what that is.

I gave buzz feed a big lead.

We sometimes talk about the brand and the people and less about the business models.

There is room for only so many advertising supported businesses.

When you get really specific, if the news content is so premium and interesting, even got to think of a subscription model.

If it is something that is going for everybody and their a lot of people competing for it, it is more of an advertising supported business.

It is a difficult and competitive business to be in.

A lot of people think about how we will get paid beyond just what is the brand and how quickly are we growing?

A woman is charging $400 a

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