Is Obama Really the Worst President Since WWII?

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July 3 (Bloomberg) -- “Unintended Consequences” Author Edward Conard and Former Council of Economic Advisers Chairman Alan Krueger discuss the Obama Presidency on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Want to bring up a poll that ranks president obama number one in a category he does not want to be in.

He is considered the worst resident of the postwar era.

The new york post had him at 33% . 33% of voters thought he was the worst president since 1945. to be fair, george w. bush ranks second and jimmy carter at eight percent.

Perhaps not a surprise if you look at the jobs report.

What do you make of this?

The president came in facing the worst economic stance.

Frank roosevelt -- president obama is doing that, not as quickly as he would like and not getting much support from congress to help.

We are at an upward trajectory.

I'm confident when the polls are taken again in the future, the president will be on the list of s presidents in the postwar time.

The administration were betting on it.

Thought fiscal stimulus and monetary stimulus would have a big impact on the economy.

Congress imposes constraints.

Thank god the republicans composed restraints.

They have been unwilling to work within those constraints.

All kinds of things they could have gotten done.

They did not do any of that and here we are five days later.

That misreads the last five years.

In spite of all of the harm, the reason my the gdp has gone stronger is because local governments cutting to events spending.

Immigration reform is a great point.

They had blocked any reform on immigration.

Christ to those issues on immigration.

High skilled immigration and low skilled.

I scaled is half to age -- is held -- high skilled immigration is held hostage.

Low scale emigration will take a lot of negotiation the one thing i will say more is on the economy and the rebound.

If you look at government spending percentage of gdp, it may be back to world war ii levels.

How much more growth did we have after that?

That is not correct.

There is no way to slowdown the recovery.

You're wrong.

The point on immigration reform is also wrong.

We need to take people out of the shadows who are here and put them on a path to legal status and citizenship as the senate did with the bar -- bipartisan vote.

It is demeaning to say hi scale and low scale.

It is comprehensive.

Others can be quite high skilled . you focus on discretionary spending, but you do not talk about the total.

Even on the total, the president offered entitlement reforms.

Speaker banner walked away from the table.

Hang on and we will talk more about this.

Mike mckee, also standing by.

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