Is Now the Time to Buy Gold?

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July 2 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Olivia Sterns recaps today's top commodity stories. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bottom Line." (Source: Bloomberg)

Olivia sterns is in the newsroom with details.

The hot topic in commodities is gold.

The question facing traders, how low will it go?

Edging lower for the first time in three days.

The china recovery after hitting a 34 month low last week.

With the route we have seen in gold, banks are rapidly being down there price targets.

It will reach 1050 by the end of 2014. credit suisse -- and the most accurate goal tracker is predicting $1000 in three months.

Some investors are still bullish.

We spoke to one who set the basic investment case remains intact.

We are seeing prices of gold at 2010 levels and nothing has changed economically.

We still have record debt in europe is a mess.

We still have an economy on the brink.

All of these are great factors that, long-term, -- that was scott carter speaking to deirdre bolton.

The biggest quarterly slump in 90 years.

Might this after -- actually be a buying opportunity now?

What about the oil markets?

What kind of reaction are we seeing to the unrest in egypt?

Oil continues to climb on concerns of egypt.

Trading volume, the highest in 16 months.

That is how you really know investors are reacting to what is going on making trades because of these terrible scenes we are seeing playing out across the country.

The political crisis continuing with hundreds of thousands of people out of this -- on the streets and growing concern.

Egypt controls a key transit point.

It may also be the reason behind a snap in the slumping price of wheat.

Egypt, the world's biggest importer of wheat, bought 180,000 tons of wheat.

The longest string of declines in nearly eight years.

They are -- they did not have as much stockpiled as they said they did.

Back to you.

But thanks.

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