Is NimbleTV the Anti-Aereo?

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Dec. 10 (Bloomberg) -- Anand Subramanian, founder and CEO of NimbleTV, discusses how the company is taking on linear television with Jon Erlichman on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Business behind this.

I've heard you describe this as tivo and the sling box without the box.

The easiest way to explain our service is it's something people have been used to using for the last 10 years, where people have place shifted and time shifted.

It is a sling box and tivo put together without a box.

It is completely cloud-based.

And you have tested this yourself flying around on the other side of the world.

Can i get my cable back in new york?


No technical hookups?

One of the reasons we have taken a long time to test this out is to make sure it's actually a global service.

The vision of the company is to be a global platform.

It is absolutely something that works no matter where you are as long as you have a good internet connection.

You are not doing this for charity.

It doesn't come free and you have the cable companies rolling out their own tv everywhere service.

I'm trying to do some math here.

Some people would choose to go with tv everywhere.

Some would go with nimble tv.

How many people do you need to be using nimble tv to make money and be profitable?

The beauty of our approach and model is the underlying cable subscription is between the consumer and the tv provider.

We don't have any cost associations with it.

We simply have our cost associated with making the actual content available to you over the cloud.

We have to build our own cloud from the ground up to bring down the price is immensely.

4s to break even, less than 100 thousand subscribers, we would be a fairly profitable business area -- profitable business.

Some would make the case of this being the anti-area know -- anti- aereo.

I can't comment on that.

I think the court will decide.

We simply tried to laser focus ourselves into making a problem that consumers have go away, which is consumers to actually pay for their television do have a fair use right to be able to use it on their own terms.

Our approach is to let consumers watch it anywhere, any time without worrying about rights and legal issues.

They have paid for it and they are legally paid subscribers.

Despite the legal headaches, they have been able to roll out a service and a bunch of different markets.

Given that you may position yourself to avoid his legal headaches, you are starting in the new york area, but what is the rollout plan?

Our intention with this current rollout in new york is to give the product a chance to understand that the market once a product like this and we are going to let our consumers and communities tell us where to go next.

Our intention is to let the consumers tell us if they want nimble tv in chicago or other places.

In the next year, we intend to expand not only nationally but internationally.

We intend to have germany and russia as well, available worldwide for people to access area -- for people to access.

Are you alerting them the same way you might be doing some quick explainers like the ones in the u.s.? every country is different and the rules are different.

We have to take it on a case-by- case basis and execute to it depending on the country.

Take you for your time.

The founder and ceo of nimble tv

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