Is Mudoch’s $9B BSkyB Deal a Path to Time Warner?

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July 25 (Bloomberg) - Bloomberg’s Guy Johnson reports on the $9B deal by Twenty-First Century Fox to sell European pay-TV assets to BSkyB and how it may play into the pursuit of Time Warner by Fox. He speaks on “Bloomberg Surveillance.”


Is that a deal or a rounding error?

I think it is not a rounding error.

It is going to give him a lot of opportunity to change the direction of that time warner bid he is trying to make.

He does not want to raise it and risk his credit rating.

He has a nice investment grade there.

What he does is make the transaction work for him in relation to that.

It kind of works as well.

It is putting me stock lower -- the stock lower.


murdoch is trying to protect his investment.

Moodys came out and says it anticipates a cut by two notches to bskyb as a result of that transaction.


murdoch is ok with his investment grade.

Sky is getting a downgrade.

So, yeah, not a rounding error.

Jump in.

I am thinking back to 2011. murdoch and his son were trying to take over bskyb.

They lost it because of the phone hacking scandal.

Is this murdoch exiting europe?


he has a 30% stake in sbkyb.

Does he come back when the dust settles?

I don't think he is thinking about that.

He is not exiting europe.

He still has a big chunk of change invested in bskyb.

Held me and help americans understand where mr.

Murdoch focuses.

Is his focus on london and europe?

Or is he an american guy focused on u.s.? which is it?

I think he is an australian on chipper nor.

He is a newspaperman born and b red.

He does not care where the asset is.

He is thrilled that the wall street journal is giving papers a run for the money.

Do you agree that he is geographic agnostic?

I agree.

He is an australian newspaper guy, isn't he?

He sees the deals and the opportunities where they arise.

Clearly, this transaction is aimed at improving that.

He is prepared to shuffle and take a little bit to make it happen.

With people off the record in his organization, he applies to his managers to make money.

That is what drives him is money.

And understandably so.

That is fair.

Guy, i know you will have a view on this.

Olivia, you spent eight weeks in london?

How did you get this assignment?

You need to be able to watch the footing.

Dumb question -- how is sky tv different?

Sky tv is paid satellite-tv.

It has a lot of options.

Bbc is basic cable.

Is it like cnn?

No, more like espn and a package of cable.

Very good.

I learned a lot here.

Guy is almost to his we can.

Thank you very much for it you know what you do allege time in london?

You go to a pub.

That is why he looks a little disheveled.

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