Is Liberty’s John Malone Losing His Touch?

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Feb. 14 (Bloomberg) –- In today’s “Global Outlook,” Bloomberg’s Edmund Lee discusses what’s next for John Malone after losing out to Comcast for Time Warner Cable with Trish Regan and Alix Steel on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Welcome back.

Liberty global's john malone is getting used to losing.

Just yesterday, comcast trumped his deal to buy time warner.

He has made 50 million dollars consolidating europe's pay-tv business.

Maybe this recent rejection will only fuel his efforts further.

Why does he keep losing?

Is he losing his touch?

Has he lost his touch?

This time he certainly has.

This is something he did not expect at all.

He was completely surprised by this comcast deal.

My sources tell me 10 days ago they got a call that brian roberts wanted to do this.

And where was john?

Quietly plotting.

They figured, let's put in our own board, force our hand -- force their hand, force them to the bargaining table.

All that time, comcast had been negotiating with time warner.

I read they had a mentor-mentee relationship.

Then i read there was a lot of ill will between the two.

What is the real deal?

They definitely typified the cable industry.

At times they are in league.

At times they are at odds.

The cable industry is more collegial than others.

They took advantage of that.

They would help each other sometimes but a lot of times they fought as well.

They came out publicly saying they were looking for this.

Was malone to slow?

Too slow in getting too low.

How much debt are you going to take on by taking time warner cable?

What does he do now?

Does he try to get the company or try to go overseas?

Overseas is a big part of his that.

European pay-tv is not as well built as it is in the u.s.. there is still room for growth there.

In the u.s., there is still cablevision, charter.

Is cablevision going to lose out?

They are.

They are not a prized property.

And they are saturated in their market.

They face more competition from fayez.

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