Is iTunes Radio Putting Pressure on Pandora?

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Sept. 23 (Bloomberg) -- Pandora Media, the biggest Web radio service, fell 10 percent after Apple said it attracted more than 11 million unique listeners to its new iTunes Radio service. Jon Erlichman has more on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Number of users and pandora shares just plummeted.

Everybody focused on the headline was that there were roughly 9 million iphone 5s's and 5c's. there was a specific comment on itunes radios.

They have already tuned in since launch and it could take away from the market.

If this product can go from nonexisting to have an 11 million unique visitors, what does that mean for pandora?

Pandora has been a very hot stock for a bunch of different reasons.

It is getting its advertising story in line, figuring out exactly how to get more advertising revenue without bothering the growing list of users.

There is a new ceo and they seem to be figuring out the key concern over royalties, the single biggest cost for the company.

And pandora has been the one that argued their largest competitor is not necessarily apple, but traditional radio.

The numbers will play out over the next couple of years, i'm sure.

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