Is It Time to Bet on a New Era at GM?

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Dec. 13 (Bloomberg) -- In today's Triple Threat,'s Jessica Caldwell, Money News' Sean Hyman and Bloomberg's Jamie Butters discuss the outlook for General Motors. They speak with Adam Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

One company this crazy?

We saw some pretty crazy stuff during summer break absurd times, but -- during the breaks up theankrupcy times, but gm is really in a dramatic transition now as he wraps up his tenure.

He had to pull ahead his departure because of his wife's battle with cancer.

He is making changes left and right.

Pulling chevy out of europe, and everything else you been -- mentioned.

It has been a really transformational time as he tried to finish the bankruptcy.

Gm didn't have a chance to restructure completely in its pay griffey because it was so quick.

There were more things that need to be done, trying to get the ball diane so we can head off i cleaned gm to mary barra.

This whole notion of really coming back to the u.s., adding brady -- not selling chevy, what you make of all that?

Is definitely representing a new era in general motors gave the government got out of ownership, there's going to be a new ceo, they clean house everywhere around the world.

I think he with your code that is a big problem.

Europe sales were better than they were, but that is not shall that's saying much.

The effort there was really needed to make that in the future a better financial prospect that it is right now.

Mary barra will be taking over the reins and a couple of months.

Obviously, she is a long-time veteran and very active already.

What you think is at the top of her dual -- to do list?

She had a lot of things to do.

I think continuing this cleaning of the house is going to go on for a while.

Of the big one is just maintaining the midterm.

Have a money in r&d, and made in the probability that they have had recently.

Cleaning up europe was a big thing of and keep throwing themselves into china.

She has a lengthy of things to do right now.

Sean hyman, as you look at the stocks, it isis kinda tricky, as it is hard to make of the charts like that.

What do you see?

I am cautious are a few reasons.

We see gm on the weekly four- year chart on him in 2011, and early 2012. that gives us a rice target of nearly $37 per share.

They spent the next year and a half getting their.

Theright now they are so far away from their trendline, that it really needs to close that gap to the tune of 37 dollars to $34. that would be a 50% correction.

It is in dire need of or correction that will become interesting to the traitor.

For the gm investor, i would avoid it altogether because i think about two thirds of the uptrend is already gone.

That is quite a call.

As i look at the earnings estimates, 36% is the subject of growth for next year going from 339 to 461 next year.

As someone who knows detroit intimately, what is happening on the ground with the auto business, rick six percent growth, how realistic is that -- 36% growth, how realistic is that?

Next year is the year were gm has a lot of new vehicles out, and most important leave their new chevy silverado pickup, and gm sees ac sierra pickup.

These are the moneymaking pickups, and combined they sell -- the silverado is the second best selling product in america.

They have the opportunity to make some hay next year.

They're well-positioned to have a good year by their hitting a sweet spot.

Jessica, you are nodding.


i think of as he mentioned, those of the moneymaker vehicles.

The silverado, the sierra, that high profitability.

People are paying so much more for trucks than they ever have in the past.

They are not your basic things that you do for guarding.

There is so much confident -- content in them, and that is would help the gm bottom line.

Some of these suvs you're talking about, these are $55,000 cars.

Do you worry that gm might be pricing itself out of the market?

We are still tried to grow this economy.

There's a lot of that demand for suv and truck sales.

But people out there are demanding content.

They see all of these cool features like real backup camera -- rear backup camera, and it doesn't matter if you're having a small car or a vague and cv or pickup, people wanting these options.

They are paying for them.

They sure are.

That is a fine looking car.

Jamie, jessica, chandra they get

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