Is It Business as Usual at NYSE After Twitter IPO?

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Nov. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Television's "Lunch Money" Host Matt Miller reports on Twitter going public. (Source: Bloomberg)

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If you are watching or streaming "ellen" or other shows this morning, you may have missed the big news -- twitter went public.

Shares took off from the offering price, jumping $20 in an instant.

The launch could be seen as a sigh of relief at the new york stock exchange which hoped to avoid what happened with the facebook launch.

If you ask the head of the new york stock exchange, it has been business as usual.

Here he is after the open.

We will do whatever you would like us to do while we doty our i's and cross our t's. you can send us mock ordered trials.

We will open the phone lines.

We wanted to make sure we were ready for sort of anything.

As we say in the planning business, we have contingencies for our contingencies.

That is what we did.

I think it paid off today.

Where you surprised how long it took to price?

I was predicting 10:15. there was another prediction for 1030. the opening indication was over $40. so i had a feeling it would be later than 10:15. it has been in a four dollar to five dollar range since the opening.

The stock is up 75% so far today.

How is everything going so far?

Seems to be very good.

One of the things we were very cognizant of is people's frustration in other situations, the lack of information and reports.

We confirmed with our operational folks after the stock opened, and everybody on the street has their report.

In terms of winning the twitter ipo, how did you convince them?

Was that a big win?

Like it is a big win for us.

Our partnership with twitter started two or three years ago.

Everybody thinks there was some mysterious meeting and a big courtship, but we are a partner.

We're trying to understand what your business is and how we can help you be more successful.

We have been doing that with twitter for the last two or three years.

You thought i culminate today.

The teams know each other and like each other.

This was not new for either one of us to get -- today.

This is erik schatzker.

This looks like a pretty flawless open.

The stock popped up to $45.10. we're hearing that there may use some trouble, specifically with proprietary data feeds that trading firms are getting from the nyse it self.

Can you confirm that it's happening or not?

If it is, doesn't have anything to do with the volume in twitter right now?

I would be surprised.

I will go check know that you said that.

We talked to everybody and they said they had their reports right afterwards.

So i will investigate that now.

No one has mentioned that to me.

It would usually be a lot more crowded if that were the problem.

They were outside network providers that provide feeds, and they had their own network problem.

But that was at 8:30. last i heard it was cleared up.

The volume of 55 million shares is well in line with expectations, but i will double check.

Why was it such a long open?

I think the company we saw have such a long open was back in 2007 and that was visa.

Why did it take so long?

It was a deal a lot of people were focused on.

Right from the outset this morning we were mentioning 10:15 to 10:30. it was 10:40. i do not think it is that big a difference.

It is about getting it right.

I think we were transparent the whole time.

We took the crowd into everybody's living room.

We said, look, it will open when

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