Is Installment Internet Streaming the Future of TV?

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Oct. 10 (Bloomberg) -- Brad Adgate, senior VP of research at Horizon Media, discusses the idea from Dreamworks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg to offer 30 consecutive days of 6 minute episodes of Breaking Bad via internet pay-per-view as a future model for media delivery. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.”


Do you think people would pay $20 to watch a few more episodes of the show?

I do.

If you look at the model, it is a younger audience.

It is people used to watching online video.

People have seen these shows on netflix and have caught up.

He says this could be the biggest pay-per-view event in just three.

More than a fight?

More than live sports?

The fight last month.

150 million dollars in pay-per-view.

That was the most ever.

If he doubled his investment, 100 $50 million, it would be the biggest pay-per-view -- 150 million -- $150 million dollars, it would be the biggest pay-per- view event ever.

If you paid $.50, it would cost $15 for all of the episodes.

Take 10 million people who watched the finale, he has doubled his investment.

Does his proposal makes sense to sell it in six minute chunks?

Every one hour episode is a book.

This is a page in a book.

People were going insane.

6 million -- six minutes.

You could do it on your own.

The average tuning length online is five or six minutes.

10 minutes since.

He goes after young people.

Brian robbins is making money off of that.

These clips are short.

We are moving toward a non- linear -- are those geared to be short?

If six minutes into seem to they cut it off, you feel crazy.

This would be a social media phenomenon.

You saw the pushback that netflix got because people were disappointed with the development.

It is incumbent on the creative execution.

Keep people in ties to every six minutes to go onward and upward.

What is to stop the creators behind breaking bad or any other show from capitalizing on the addiction themselves?

Why do they need a producer at all.

Why can't they find their own model and cut out the middleman?

You are absolutely right.

They could cut out the advertising.

You can push the content because you do not have to worry about advertiser pushback.

You could have more gratuitous sex.

You can have gratuitous sex in less than six minutes.

I knew the conversation would take that turned.

-- turn.

Let's go back to what we were talking about a couple of seconds ago.

If that is possible, how long before somebody experiments with at?

Maybe homeland or one of these shows that serialize.

Breaking bad -- this would not work without television.

It needed amc and the networks to support netflix.

There is no one fall show.

Online video is fractional lysed

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