Is Iliad’s T-Mobile Offer Inferior to Sprint’s?

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July 31 (Bloomberg) -- Iliad SA, the French mobile-phone carrier founded by billionaire Xavier Niel, offered $15 billion in cash for a 56.6 percent stake in T-Mobile US Inc. to enter the American wireless market. Andreessen Horowitz Partner Benedict Evans and IDC Director of Mobile Device Tracking Ryan Reith comment on “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Important part of t-mobile, essentially they put the company together.

It is going to be necessary for any deal to happen to acquire the company.

They clearly favor the sprint offer.

I go back to the notion iliad of where they're going to get the money to do a deal like this.

It is not clear.

T-mobile has a ton of debt.

It is not like they can leverage it more.

Iliad is a smaller company than t-mobile.

Deutsche telekom saying they are not partnering with these guys.

They have not engaged with them in any way.

They prefer the sprint deal.

Fonts from you guys?

-- thoughts from you guys?

Xavier niel is a pirate.

He fought his way into the market and turned it upside down.

He looked at the u.s. market and said this is ripe for a pirate.

John legere think he is a pirate.

Everybody thinks highly of him, and highly of xavier niel.

Is changing the ownership of t-mobile change how it will be able to compete?

If you don't get deutsche telekom, which owns 66% of the company, it can't happen.

There is no way.

This could be the quickest deal killer of all time.

I would agree.

It feels like the guppy trying to swallow the fish.

It is one of those things trying to bring attention.

You could say the same thing about -- he swallowed his japanese mobile operator.

The difference is the debt.

You can't go into this right now and say i'm going to add on the debt than t-mobile does not have, because t-mobile has that dad.

The guppy swallowing the fish.

I will leave you with that.

Benedict evans and ryan reith of

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