Is IBM Still a Blue Chip Stock?

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Jan. 21 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "The Agenda," Adam Johnson, Scarlet Fu and Michael McKee look at trending news stories on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

We will be checking in throughout the week.

Act in new york, time to look at our agenda, the stories shaping the day.

Ibm, and absolutely huge story.

Reporting earnings this afternoon, fourth-quarter report on news and novell is in discussions to acquire the low end server business.

Ibm shifting business from hardware into software.

The notion of the cloud.

It has been a consistent threat to our discussions, you can go back to the beats story, that is a hardware-software story.

What is consumer, one is enterprise.

You can see the dynamics between hardware and software.

The ability or inability or lack of awareness to get different entities talking to one another.

That sounds like what you're focused on.

And disease meeting devices.

During one of the breaks, i told you about wendy polar vortex r -- when the polar vortex rolled out, they had a software update to the nest.

A glitch.

Companies are producing products that are fundamental to our lives.

I remember when the pilot crisis happened -- when the dial up crisis happened, people at aol were asking how have we become so important, i thought we were for fun.

I know the nest guys never thought thermostats were fun, these are core items embedded in our world and our homes.

The dependencies at the data level are profound.

Something you and the nice people will be interested in, the weather, a winter storm going to be big.

6 inches in washington, shut the federal government down.

10 inches in new york is the maximum forecast, 12 inches in boston.

We joke about the weather, it has business implications.

There are almost 3000 delays already built into the system.

Airlines have canceled 2267 flights as of today.

They are preemptively canceling to get planes out of the snow areas so they can get them back in service as quick as possible.

When economic data comes out later, expect people blaming things on the weather.

Retailers will blame it on the weather, some people were going to go shopping and buy winter clothing.

On my agenda, it has got to be bill gates.

He will be on bloomberg this morning at 9:30, a conversation with him and michael bloomberg to discuss philanthropy.

How they plan to change the world, our twitter question of the day.

What would you ask mr.

Bill gates?

Some of the answers.

Shows you about our audience.

"who is the next microsoft ceo." they want his take on tech.

"how can if largest raise money using a social network?" "what do you think of windows 8." john, what would you want to ask bill gates?

A lot of questions about microsoft, his attention is on public health.

The work he is doing there is a fabulous.

Going back to microsoft, it is remarkable how quickly the company has become, on the consumer side, our business.

Next to irrelevant.

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