Is Huawei’s New Offering an iPhone, Samsung Killer?

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May 8 (Bloomberg) -- Sharif Sakr, Senior European Editor at Endgadget, takes a look at the newest smartphone from Huawei on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

The p 7 from huawei.

A brand which probably still isn't very familiar to most people.

A few years ago they didn't use their brand.

They made phones for others.

They actually still make phones for other people.

They are now purring their own brand and -- pushing their own brand saying that huawei can compete.

Getting very premium specks.

It looks like an i-phone 4. a very big screen.

A five-inch careen.

A decent processor.

Decent resolution.

Good respects -- good specs for a lower price.

Why would i buy that instead of one of the brands i recognize?

This will undercut sam sung and the iphone.

The problem is that i think we still associate chinese makers, we know phones are made in china even when they have apple's name on them.

Chinese branded phones, we still associate them with the mid range and that's where most people expect them to compete.

Google owns the mid range.

If you're comparing this to a top class $700 phone, this one is equivalent to $500. if you compare it to the next us 5 from google, then that is going to undercut this to the tune of $100. the only sacrifice you'll make by going to the google phone is a bit more plastic and less glass.

This is a joke.

Where is the app from the chinese government?

This is a problem with the branding.

I don't know how much people are going to be influenced by the fact that the only time we hear about huawei is they worry that it has back door service to the chinese government.

People are aware of the irony in that.

I think a lot of people ultimately regard them, the privacy as being compromised anyway.

When the huawei brand comes up, it is usually in the negative context but they are slick in trying to tell their story.

Any company that operates in china has to abide by some pretty shady rules.

They basically decided to launch the phone in paris.

How significant is that?

How long is it going to take?

Four, five months to see whether they are successful in europe?

If they are successful, does that mean a lot of other chinese manufacturers will try penetrate the international market?


I would think they would have tried to launch in new york.

That would have had a message.

The fact is this is a phone really only for european market now.

No u.s. price, no u.s. plans.

It is going to be quite limited.

I'm not saying europe is not important, but it is not going to be the global domination for chinese-branded phones.

Tell us about the life cycle of the smart phone?

The fact that this is very comparable, the fact that this is effectively a product that we have all seen coming but now it is here.

It is smidge a bit sad.

As much as i love the people are phones, they do offer more, the fact is the trend is towards the mid range.

The $400 phone.

That is where arm sees the biggest growth.

That is becoming a sensible choice.

All of these phones are getting so similar, you may as well make the sensible choice and forego some of the really premium

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