Is `House of Cards' Really a Hit?

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Aug. 28 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Jon Erlichman reports on Kevin Spacey being the unofficial pitchman for Netflix and whether or not "House of Cards" can be considered a hit. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Ed inberg festival.

He'll be heading to the emmies next month, they're nominated for nine categories.

But spacey the next new pitchman netflix could ho pe for.


Yeah, i mean he's not officially, cory, a pitch man, but i'm sure he's happy to do it.

People come up to him all the time and say thanks letting me lose three-day ofs of my life watching your show.

He's got a popular 12-hour movie essentially for those people who binge.

It's a movie star go ing not tv but going to a new tv platform.

Was he taking a financial risk given the deal that fincher and kevin spacey got doing this show?

Probably not.

But there were a lot of people in hollywood, the traditional media who were hoping house of cards wouldn't necessarily take off because that would allow them to say, nice try tphret tphreufpl but go back to what you do best which is buy our stuff for the second window when we're ready to sell it to you.

And people will talk a lot about this in the lead up to the emmies in sep tember.

You say it took off.

Do we really know?

Netflix hasn't given us any hard numbers or ratings, because ate on netflix we don't know.

Ratings, do those matter?

You're absolutely right.

There has been some grumbling in hollywood about that not just from the networks but even from hbo, which has over the years started to give more data on how its shows do which has left us knowing that shows like curve your enthusiasm might be more critically acclaimed than rating powerhouses.

What are ratings right now at the time when there is time shifted viewing and online viewing and one some of the most popular shows like breaking bad don't get nearly the same kind of audience numbers that you

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