Is Hillary Clinton’s Book Tour a Campaign Warm-Up?

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June 9 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Al Hunt discusses the release of Hillary Clinton’s book “Hard Choices,” and the ensuing book tour that may gather steam for a presidential run in 2016. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.”

Is the timing of this book and massive media tour just a drumroll for hillary to announce she is running?

Sure it is.

It's time to launch.

I think the odds are great, 90% maybe that she is going to run.

This book is a chance to go out there and meet people, get lists, get names.

I have not read the book, i have read so many excerpts i feel like i have read it.

It does not appear to be very controversial.

There are very few criticisms of people that would come back to haunt her in a political campaign.

She does a mea culpa for her iraq war vote.

It's a very politically directed book, director, and launch.

One criticism is that the liberal media wants to say this message to her -- tour is just the media helping her?

The clinton people complain about the media.

They are still complaining about some of the press they got today.

Both of those views are exaggerated.

I think when someone is such a prohibitive front-runner as she is, we have never seen a nonincumbent who has been a formidable a front-runner as hillary clinton is today.

She writes a book, it is naturally going to create a lot of media attention.

There will be some kind of big tour.

My guess is it won't matter as much as people think right now.

A formidable front-runner perhaps, but she was a for mobile front-runner in 2008, and didn't get that nomination.

What is the downside to a woman like hillary clinton, to a candidate like hillary clinton, in making clear her intentions at this point?

Who does it hurt?

You could say that she is affecting the rest of the field, but she has already crowded out the rest of the field.

Elizabeth warren will not run as hillary clinton runs.

I don't think joe biden will run.

She is already cleared the field, in that sense.

The downside is, she is yesterday.

Presidential elections tend to be about the future.

They tend to be about tomorrow.

She somehow has to make claim to what you think about her good points with her husband services president, and hers as president -- secretary of state.

That is not easy.

Would that be any different if she were to say with that interview, yes, i am wanting -- running for the white house in 2016? a little bit.

She doesn't have to do it now.

She's not being coy, people aren't saying are you going to run, are you not going to run?

I hate it into -- i hate to disagree with karl rove, but she appears to be in good standing.

I think she's going to run.

There's no reason to do it now, she can easily do it next january.

Would they vote for hillary?

I think wall street likes hillary, that is not the problem.

The problem is hillary doesn't want to be too linked to wall street, as far as the rest of the country is concerned.

The rest of the country hates wall street.

She has to to walk a very delicate line here.

She will love their money, she is not going to want to be terribly visible within the.

How does she thread that needle?

Allowing bill to continue with his initiatives, which is just full of wall street people and money?

I think there will be some issues that have to be resolved.

There were when they -- when she became secretary of state.

There were rules written for what he did, as a presidential candidate, that will have to be revisited.

But there will be a delicate line here.

She will have to take some positions -- would you like to go and reenact last eagles, which was a repeal in her husbands administration.

What is your view on a bank tax?

There are a lot of issues she will have to address.

Elizabeth warren 11 against her -- won't run against her, it won't threaten her nomination but threatening her intensity.

Al, this is a triple win for

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