Is High-Frequency Trading Hurting Global Economy?

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April 1 (Bloomberg) -- Ian Shepherdson, chief economist at Pantheon Macroeconomics, and Ken Sena, managing director at Evercore, discuss the government’s focus on high-frequency trading and how it impacts markets and individual investors on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”


Right now there is a complete upper or about worn exchange trading.

These do have an effect on the financial system and the economy as some point.


It is also a political problem as well.

Lack of confidence or that it is rigged.

This undermines confidence in the whole array of financial activities.

Michael lewis laid to this.

He has a story about the guy at the royal bank of canada.

There is a guy and a white hat.

I get that.

Within that, this widens the gap when we say it is rigged between main street and wall street.

No other way to put it.

You take a teeny bit of money from a lot of people every day and begins to give the appearance -- fully version of confidence, too.

Ken senna of evercore partners, you follow the big tech companies.

A similar sense the game is rigged against small investors when it comes to tech companies and how you pursue projects?

I think there is an interesting parallel between high-frequency trading and how display advertising is bought now.

It is all about real-time and transparency across the space.

You are right, it is not like most advertisers better small.

They do not have the tools themselves but using advertisement networks to give them the transparency and slight edge in terms of real-time data.

Again, has to do with technology.

We did not have these tool -- toys five years ago.

The idea of things being real-time our fact.

I do not want to get you in trouble at evercore partners at if you do not want to talk about high-frequency trading, just say that.

Roger altman, red sox uniform.

That would be terrible.

Do not want to do that.

Getting to company news.

Starting with the senate had investigation subcommittee says that caterpillar dodge billions of dollars in tax says.

Carl levin says caterpillar avoided paying more than $2 billion in taxes by shifting.

Caterpillar says it complied with u.s. tax laws.

Company executives will be on capitol hill to face lebanon and the hearing on his report.

Bank of america may face another lawsuit tied to the housing crisis.

A judge has recommended be a lack of receipt.

The bank failed to us close the nature of 800 $55 million of mortgage securities and sold back in 2007. bank of america trying to

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