Is High-Frequency Trading Fair to Everyone?

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June 17 (Bloomberg) -- Hain Celestial Group CEO Irwin Simon, Charles Griffin Intelligence's Philip Segal and Bloomberg's Keri Geiger debate whether high-frequency trading is fair to everyone. They speak with Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

What is the reaction to what we have seen in the senate today?

Less we have gotten a good reaction.

There were not big on shelves today.

They bring up the port and issues.

One is the taker model, where they are really competing for business, they give rebates for customers.

Are there clients looking for better rebates or the best prices for their clients?

That is where we get retail investor level on this.

This shined a light on the issues that could be a single retail investors and how the business of five request trading could hurt the tail.

The bottom line for a lot of people feel -- is that they do not feel like the system is fair.

The idea that a computer is executing a trade in milliseconds, somehow does not feel like a system units rarely trust.

We have seen a lot of fatigue.

It is like disseminating information.

In the markets today, there are always concerns out there with the markets.

It is a concern that said, there is information, when you adjust earnings, and then you get a rebate first.

Exchanges because they are creating a lot more stock.

I look at our stock and volume.

You get the eight or not -- eight or more times a day.

Class you talk to the traders and they will say they are making more liquidity.

Do you agree with that?

I do, but what i've noticed is we do not have a lot of fax do have a lot of hyperbole.

Now the we are not doing it he's on michael lewis, -- a pop -- a puff piece on michael lewis.

It is time to see whether people are getting a better deal today versus oneness that shall us went in and out of the stock.

Until someone shows me that small investors are making less money now than they were then, i do not know if you want planning a change in the system.

I am agnostic in this but i haven't seen numbers.

All i have seen is on 60 minutes.

That was the discussion at the hearing today.

Does making changes improve the way retail investors chain the -- change the market where this was balance and it is important these things are happening because it as -- adds more voices.

Class i guess it is trading in milliseconds today.

Are you -- where are you investing today?

I understand that everyone wants the best price is that why we are invest in companies to get that point?

It is the retail affecting the market.

Long-term, and have point or a dollar, you stay in their long-term.

A perfect example of a long-term investor there in nonetheless, these people are making their living -- trading stocks.

Right here the ameritrade is getting paid to send orders, if that is an issue in the market, that is one of the russians appearing today.

It is in orton russian.

That is the type of angry american public wants to hear.

When they trade in the market, are they losing money and getting the best deal.

-- where are they getting fast technology that cost us millions of dollars just to set up?

People do not like the idea.

It scares people.

Especially when there are no numbers and no fax.

When you say you just want to get to the bottom of it, and you say, there is no trust anymore and trust is eroded, you are tilting the balance already.

Of course you are here and we will leave it there.

Thank you so much.

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