Is GrubHub a Tech or Consumer Company?

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April 3 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Leslie Picker reports on GrubHub’s market share and IPO price. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Year, and also a 67% jump in revenue.

Our ipo reporter for bloomberg joins us.

Grubhub -- we have all used it -- but is this the company that is a tech company or is it a consumer company echo they list in their perspective that there competitors are brick-and-mortar restaurants.

They are technically valued more like a tech company, at either point of the range.

They are valued more highly than the actual restaurants.

And there is a london company that listed today that is pretty much in direct competition with grubhub, similar in operations.

How did that company do with pricing and its performance?

Good timing -- the company is called just eat, and they are up 7% the last time i checked.

Clearly a good example for investors across the pond.

There is demand for this type of business model.

Very clear on how the company makes money and are profitable and revenue is growing, so they have all the characteristics for a good ipo.

We will see tonight.

Or seems to be a distinction between the group of hot ipo's and the ones that are not.

In the past week and a half, there have been 12 ipo's, five trading at 30%, the other seven kind of flat.

You see this a lot when the ipo window is open, when market conditions -- there are a lot of buyers, and a lot of companies going public, capitalizing on low volatility, the high stock market situation.

Companies will try to take advantage of the open window, and when that happens a lot of times investors will see through that and will not buy shares.

Candy crush.

How much is private equity looking to unload their stakes at the opportune time versus the founders who need to continue the operation?

And that is a sure example of virtue.

It delayed its ipo.

A lot of people were just asking, why don't they just pull it?

Can they just either pull it or really postpone it for months from now just to get higher valuation?

The answer is they have strong private equity backers that may want to exit this thing.

They are highly motivated to exit when the iron is hot, so delaying it a week or two gives them the opportunity to do that.

You reported on this earlier in the week.

It has been postponed to -- after easter.

So really only three or four weeks.

I want to bring in my morning

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