Is Government Broken in America?

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Oct. 7 (Bloomberg) -- William Eggers, public policy research director at Deloitte, discusses the state of the American government and how social enterprises and foundations are taking on society’s problems and not waiting for the government to work on them. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

You speak with companies around the world, what are the methods when they look at the situation and think it is awfully dire?

My first book came out about two weeks after the last government's shutdown.

What is different about today is government is not alone in terms of solving society possibly problems.

We have seen an entire economy of social enterprises, big companies, big investors, people have signed warren buffett's billionaire pledge.

They are crowd sourcing and crowd funding, and trying to find innovative solutions.

You talk about solution markets, government can use its power to create solution markets.

What is your solution market for capitol hill?

I think you need a bit more competitive districts.

How do you do that?

You look at states like california, which have moved toward the left partisan.

Most people are already locked in.

If we need competitive markets -- we go around government instead of working with government?

There is a whole economy phil -- economy filled with millions of social enterprises area walmart is opening up 500 stores and food denizens for those that cannot wait for fresh products.

I wonder what you think of the new health-care exchanges that have opened up last week.

With every major government initiative like this, whether it is medicare part the, you see a lot of glitches early on.

It is still too early to say in terms of the health-care exchanges.

One encouraging thing is we are seeing a lot of new people get into the market.

In texas alone there are 50 insurance companies that are actively involved.

Hopefully that will lead to more competition and eventually reduce costs.


You for joining us.

The book is called "the solution resolution -- the solution revolution."

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