Is Google Developing a Medical Device?

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Jan. 10 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg Contributing Editor Paul Kedrosky discusses the potential reasons for Google’s meetings with the FDA. He speaks to Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Venture world closely and you are a venture investor.

What do you think they are up to?

How can this be a story.

It has nothing to do with aereo.

Maybe they will put aereo into our brains.

Right in the eyeballs.

Sign me up immediately.

There is quite a bit of back story to this.

People have been fighting this story since it came out.

A guy ready paperback in 2009 about biomarkers having to do with what sugars.

There was academic research related to this.

You put it together with google's own interest in biomarkers and you get some idea that there is a potential for some kinds of digital health monitoring using contact lenses -- something that is not implantable, but removable devices on your body and tracking your help that way.

The challenge is the fda going along with that.

They will wanted to go through a whole process.

How do you deal with that?

That is what it strikes me at the direction they're going in.

When i look at google, i think of peter lynch.

He is a great money manager from back in the day.

He said we are talking about companies that lose their way by going in every direction instead of the one direction they initially went in so well.

Do you see that here?

Or are they building google glass as an advertising medium?

Do biomarkers indicate a future advertising medium?

No, i would be more nervous about it if it were happening inside of google proper.

This is happening inside of google x where they do to arrange stop.

-- deranged stop.

If this showed up in an analysts'quarterly meeting, and this is what we are doing the biomarkers, i would say it was an issue.

These kinds of connections are so nonsensical and tenuous.

This is just an experiment.

They have the cash so they are doing it.

It is representing what they are doing.

Do you think android is the model for us to think -- they are looking very far ahead?

I think so.

Whenever this stuff crosses over into google itself you have to hold it up to a pretty bright light and say, does this have any relationship whatsoever to the core business?

My hunch is that absolutely nothing they end up doing well and that being important to their business.

How trotsky -- paul kedrosky, he is a bloomberg contributor.


He is everything indeed.

Thanks so much guys.

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