Is Google Android More Secure Than Apple iOS?

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March 4 (Bloomberg) -- McAfee President Michael Decesare discusses mobile phone security and his outlook for Apple on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

None of yours know?

It is a secret.

But when you are in doubt, go to apple.

Why is this?

Why this fixation?


With apple?

Because of the user experience.

They make products that customers want to use.

Is it enough to move to smog choked beijing to work for apple?

It is one thing to love the experience of the product, but another to put your health at the expense of your children.

Growth globally, there is a very attractive brand around these tier one high-tech companies.

One of the things that you have great perspective on is the geography of this.

Silicon valley, losing magic like others, like new york city?

The opposite, it is the kale, man, the kale.

The weather is fantastic, but the other thing you have to consider is again in education.

You can get talent in so many different countries that you were not able to get five years ago.

You talked about how san francisco was becoming the home base, not the valley.

That has got to increase the tensions with the people living there already.

We keep hearing about the income inequality debate raging there.

It is amazing.

10 years ago it was all about silicon valley and now companies are moving into san francisco.

How the do you recruit engineers and the people around the engineers that let the engineers engineer?

It is definitely a high competition for jobs these days.

A lot of people are coming out with jobs that are growing.

We want the top engineers that are out there.

University systems, you try to get close to them.

Who you sell your intel?

We are an innovation company.

We are known as a great place to work for engineers.

I knew that you were going to say that.

What were you going to say, no?

We are lousy, the coffee is bad?

What not as bad as bloomberg.

We asked everyone, which no -- which mobile device do you feel is the least or most say.

Apple is the most safe, the first answer.

Android is the least say.

Is that stereotyping?

Or is that true?

When you look at the bad guys out there who have to write the malware that they write, as more and more people migrate words android and apple, more bad guys will migrate there as well.

We are doing critical business applications on mobile devices, makes it -- making them more attractive.

The second answer here, android is the safest, because of the range of security apps.

Is that true?

Definitely not true.

There is more targeted malware because of the growth in users of android.

You're talking about the biggest platforms out there, they both have their challenges.

I wonder, fund the let -- fundamentally, when does the mcafee acquisition of intel show itself?

When will we see intel with mcafee protection wired into it?

The production of silicon, getting it into the industry, that was a slow process.

The first couple of years was about running out of things that exist.

Now it is about designing products side-by-side to leverage security, like mcafee.

Last year the operating profits were zero.

It is why intel is so excited about security.

Fast-growing, a highly profitable industry, that is definitely the propos kiss.

Do you think that operating profits from your division will increase?

Over the next couple of years security will become a bigger part of the picture overall.

Might i point out that intel brings down $.18 on the dollar to the dash to the bottom line?

Even if you are breaking even or at a loss, they are $.20 on the dollar.

We were the biggest security company when we were acquired back then.

The intel acquisition only helps.

Look at the dividend.

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