Is Frontback the Next Instagram?

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Oct. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Frontback CEO Frederic Della Faille discusses the company's photo app with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Has become famous thanks to famous early users.

You just moved to san francisco yesterday from new york because of all the attention this app is getting.

You are originally from belgium.

Beautiful weather.

Pitiful today.

What is the idea here?

-- beautiful today.

What is you get here?

With that it was interesting to see if what if you took a photo with both cameras at the same time.

It is you and what you see and how you look like.

We played around with the earlier today.

We have got some pictures in the studio.

It is definitely a cool feature.

Is it any more than a cool feature?

Is this going to take down the other photo sharing apps out there?

We don't know.

That images are full-screen.

Every slight, you merge into someone's life.

We think that is a way that you display the content.

We display it full-screen.

It does not just a little part of the screen.

You had early adopters.

They said that they like it.

Kevin rose and another from google ventures.

Have they contacted you?

And my mom also uses it.



That is what is most important.

Has anyone else contact you?


They are passionate about products.

They help us to go deeper into the details of this product.

What feedback have you gotten?

Next igloo will have a new version where you can flip the camera.

There are some people who take composition.

It could be two times you.

Polishing the product.


you can take a picture and share it on instagram and on twitter.

Is your goal down the line to become something more?

To you -- do you want to become your own social network?

There is a good sign that people are willing to share outside.

We help people who are creating a lot of content and want to share it outside.

There is a community that is growing inside the app.

It is really creative.

You have to play with it.

People are spending time in the app and engaging with other people and things like that.

We believe we can build something much more than just taking a photo.

You have raised a seed round.

16 months ago, yes.

Are you in the process of raising more money?

Will you take money from some of these guys we have mentioned?

We do not have anything to say.

[laughter] we are super happy on the things we are doing right now.

What is the future?

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