Is Farmed Salmon Actually Bad for You?

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May 23 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Alix Steel reports on the health concerns surrounding farmed salmon. She speaks with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Issue of peak salmon.

With demand increasing six percent year-over-year, more of what you eat comes from fish farms.

What are the risks?

Alix steel joins me now.

Is farmed salmon bad for you?

That is a huge debate and concern among consumers.

There is a couple of things that circulate.

Are you vaccinating your fish?

Is that bad for you?

If you get a cold in the wild, you get a immunity and survive.

It is, one that perspective it if you get sick, you use antibiotics to help your fish.

In theory you don't harvest your fish until the antibiotics or out of their system.

How you treat that is a big deal . the u.s. we see use hydrogen peroxide which converts into oxygen.

The last one is feed.

What you feed the salmon.

Fish oil, you have to supplement that with algae and soybean meal.

There are concerns around what we eat.

What about the economics of fish farming?

Is it just more economical to have a salmon fish farm and to find mild wild simon?

-- to find wild salmon?

A sigh can cost you 5-6,000,000 dollars.

On the hatchery side, yet to grow the land, you have the yearly that takes three years for fish to actually grow.

You don't make any money until they grow.

You have to wait.

Something new is tank farming.

You keep the salmon on land in swimming pools which is fairly interesting.

That is expensive.

You have to clear forests, pump water in.

Experts tell me that is where the industry is going because of the issues surrounding farmed salmon within the ocean.

You have to get on board unless it works out.

Have there been studies done that say one salmon can be different than another by tasting?

I've tasted the variety of salmon.

They taste different.

I don't think one is better than the other.

They're quite different.

It depends on where you are forming the salmon.

Maine is the gold standard of salmon farming regulation.

They have such high big elation.

It costs a lot of money.

It takes two years.

$20,000 to get a study.

$2000 to get the permit.

You have a 5 -- by yearly input.

This is the condition of the this.

Highly supervise.

Much more so than in canada.

There is traceability here.

You know exactly where it comes from.

That is different from other countries.

The last point about farmed

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