Is Facebook Facing an Identity Crisis?

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Feb. 4 (Bloomberg) -- Lerer Ventures Managing Director Eric Hippeau and Bloomberg Contributing Editor Paul Kedrosky discuss Facebook turning 10 today and the challenges ahead for the social networking giant. They speak on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Microsoft and facebook.

If you often look 10 years from now, which company is going to be more different?

I think they will both be different, facebook has defined the social era, social media, it is a phenomenal company, over one billion users globally.

I do not know how the companies have been able to do this, perhaps none, so far.

We will be seeing a fragmentation of the social murders, new life forms, video becoming really important.

Facebook will be different from but will probably rise to the challenge.

Contribute editor here at bloomberg, paul krukowski joins us.

Are you a facebook user?


i shut it down around 2.5 years ago, i'm too impatient to deal with it.

Do you use facebook?

Not as much as i use twitter.

What does that mean then?

To understand the space, we are not continuous when it comes to being a user.

It did not solve the problem for me, it created problems.

I am much more active as a tutor user -- twitter user.

I use it on a daily basis.

The issue wasn't that it was necessary today judge, it was just my daily uses -- to stay in touch, it was just my daily usage.

For any platforms like facebook going forward, they want to be all things to all people.

With all of these services, the market kind of finds things that wants to do, and maybe twitter or facebook will buy them and maybe not.

The market by the sunway degrading services that it uses.

That is going to perpetually that threat for this big monolithic service like facebook.

Stephanie uses it a lot, paul does not use it anymore, he i do not use it all, you using it less and less.

Maybe footer is the social networking website, maybe it is snap shut, i do not know.

-- twitter is the social network of the moment, maybe it is snap chat, i do not know.

. but moving facebook away from the idea that it has to all happen on one network, diversifying.

I've downloaded these apps, and you'd can deemphasize if you want, you can deemphasize your friends, and empathize news.

Think of facebook as a real-time anything?

It can be, and of able see it that way.

But new apps have been i announced to come down the road.

They need to unbundle facebook to some degree.

Facebook home, they tried this once already with creating a new interface and a new way of using it, and it was a complete face plant.

These are stabs at figuring out how to get the right tool in front of people, so they will use facebook the way they want to.

The real threat are these people that are creating new apps like instagram and on and on.

You cannot have this be all things to be all people -- to all people platform.

Is paper getting a great review from you?

I cannot use it, because you cannot use unless you plug into facebook.

You cannot use it for anything productive unless you want to plug it into your facebook account.

I do not even know what to call it.

The identity crisis for facebook, the reason that snap chat and some other companies do not want to be owned by facebook?

They own instagram, which is part of that new platforms for social.

Others have said -- it is a young company, i think mark is a malicious -- it's ambitious -- is ambitious.

These guys do not want to be litter on the side of the road.

But what would they need -- that is amazing, that we are talking about the possibility -- of the facebook being a litter on the side of the road?

That is the history, i long history people love loan out -- a long history of people who have blown out.

People come in and get really excited and then decide that i'm not that interested them and they move on.

-- decide that i am not that interested, and they move on.

Zuckerberg was the golden boy, i could do no wrong, did we overstate his embedded of advantage -- and could do no wrong, did we overstate his competitive advantage?


it is an event by itself.

I think it is going to continue to do well, it will not be later by the side of the road.

Does facebook need to change the way we think about what we use it for?

You would not put real-time news on there, neither would i. you saw them fumble around a little bit like with this last week in the super bowl.

I do not think it will ever take.

They are almost exclusively mobile, there is no investment in the desktop roddick, and it is more internet and sharing.

-- product, and it is more on the internet with sherry.


When he use a mobile device, you use it in a very different fashion than use the desktop -- you use the desk top.

Mobile is over half their revenues, they have a huge building to grow.

Advertising is an indicator.

People are just starting to

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