Is Electricity the Future Pulse of Luxury Autos?

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July 18 (Bloomberg) -- Max Giraldo, managing director at RM Auctions, discusses the move to electric motors by the luxury car market and offers his thoughts on which companies are the market leaders. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

It is considered to be the car of the future, so that is what all the prime manufacturers will be leaning towards, the ecology and less pollution.

That is what they will try to give us.

What do you think bmw's version will look like?

They have a lot of firepower, it is a big company with a lot of money behind it, so they will develop a car that is probably better than all the rest.

They have tesla as competition, but it has not really quite broken through.

What bmw can do with all the information and technology they can pack into a car, i think it will be a recipe for success.

You refer to this as the car of the future.

What happens to tesla as more players get into the game?

Tesla is sort of a small boutique car manufacturer.

He will be difficult for them to compete against the big car giant, having said that, they are the only ones making a sporty electric car that is affordable.

They will come out with new things and be quite popular.

We all know tesla, the electric or -- the electric car, as the one that is recognized.

Why not have bmw the super high-end version?

Exactly right.

We will see a lot of car manufacturers move into the luxury car bracket.

We have seen for ari -- we have seen ferrari come out with a high-end -- coming out with an electric car?

You will see more car manufacturers coming into this.

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