Is Earnings Growth Propelling Markets Higher?

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Sept. 20 (Bloomberg) -- Trading Advantage President Larry Levin previews today's markets and discusses his investment ideas with Betty Liu on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

With jim bullard.

He said there would be tapering as soon as october.

How do you feel about that?

I wish they would all get together and have a conversation with bernanke and figure it out and try to give us a clear path.

On one hand, traders down here and your viewers are aggressive traders.

They like the volatility we get from hearing one thing and having the fed do something else and having someone else from the fed say we are back on again.

For a lot of people out there, the mom and pop out there, it may end up not being a good hang.

Talk about volatility.

We have not seen much movement in the last few days.

Is it possible that earnings growth is propelling markets higher?

Are earnings growth?

Is that what you said?

Corporate america is doing well.

Someone out there without a job does not yield that way.

Corporate america has done a good job of recovering from the 2000 8-2009 situation.

The s&p -- from the 2008-2009 situation.

It is ben bernanke with his foot on the qe gas pedal.

That is why the market is going up.

Earnings are not hurting.

They are not the real reason behind it.

It is fed based.

Thanks so much for joining us.

The president of trading advantage.

I want to bring and the chief market strategist for jones trading.

His call that he is quite bearish on equities.

He says the biggest risk is that diminishing credibility.

You say not washington, not europe, not china.

It is because we do not know what the head is going to do.

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