Is Coke Relying on Emerging Markets?

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Sept. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Duane Stanford reports on the performance of Coca Cola on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Emerging markets -- but they are relying on them now more than ever.

They have become more important as the u.s. slows down.

There is backlash concerning obesity and sugary drinks in the u.s. that has hit their sales?

It has and the diversification of drinks.

People can go many places for drinks and don't have to go to coca-cola and that makes an impact.

One of the interesting things that has developed is that the obesity epidemic has followed coca-cola in other markets including mexico.

I asked him about the sales tax that will be imposed on soft drinks in mexico.

We have always seen that taxes have never produced the intended solutions ever, no matter where they were tried and no matter what happened in whichever country.

They have never produced the intended result.

Therefore, we have so many examples of failed attempts with the -- with discrimination or singling out a certain industry.

Therefore, what we are advocating is creating this golden triangle where we partner with governments, partner with civil society ,ngo's, and create a balanced approach toward helping solve this problem.

Is the sales tax going to pass?

They've tried it before in mexico so it is hard to say now.

There seems to be more momentum than perhaps in the past but it has failed other times.

France past one so it is not something coke can take for granted.

They passed a tax in france.

At one point, coca-cola enterprises said it did not affect them as much as they thought but over time had an impact.

It averages eight cents per liter?

Here in the u.s., you see pepsi develop new products.

That's their way of offsetting the core soft drink portfolio.

What is coke doing?

It has been trying to get into ours juice and some of the other noncarbonated drinks.

Ours juice has become a sizable business for them around the globe tummy tuck.

Juice in general.

They make juices in china that are mixed with various dairy products.

Read can coca-cola is the leading engine in emerging markets and whether it are growing.

I have to pay attention to that.

Mukhtar kent is a longtime coke executive but is there questions about him stepping down?

So far, no.

It appears he will be around a while.

He does not appear to be setting up any succession plans.

There is a number of candidates down the road who could be in line.

Right now, it seems he is in that chair for a while.

Thank you so much.

Amazon has come out with the latest challenge to the apple ipad, the third generation of kindle fire tablets.

One has a seven inch screen and the other a nine inch.

They will run from 229 dollars- 400 $79. that is less than the of ipads and the surface tablets.

Amazon has been battling apple and google in the tablet market in the fourth quarter of 2012. the kindle has a 12% market share and that fell to 3.7% in the first quarter this year.

The new aol strategy and the ceo is counting on digital exchanges to be the catalyst for a turnaround.

Plus, we will have much more --

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