Is Bunavail the Answer to the Opioid Drug Epidemic?

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June 10 (Bloomberg) –- In today’s “Global Outlook,” BioDelivery Sciences CEO Mark Sirgo discusses the company's drug Bunavail, which is used to treat opioid depenedence. He speaks with Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)


According to the cdc, three out of four production drug overdoses in the u.s. were caused by opioid pain relievers.

Globally, these overdoses linked to opioid or related to elicit drug use in 2010. now the fda has approved treatment that promises to treat opioid dependent.

I'm joined by the maker of this treatment.

How does it work?

There's an active ingredient that helps treat these patients, it's the way that you deliver it that is article.

We use a film attached to the inside lining of your cheek.

Why is the transmission method so important?

Unfortunately, it's not absorbed well or a lease others note tablet.

The competition has some legal product that make it difficult for patients to use because it's there for 10 minutes and during that time, you cannot talk or swallow.

Our application, once it is in place, people can go about their daily activity.

Lex so this is for people who have developed an addiction to heroin or oxycodone.

They would use this drug to wean them off.


They don't get the euphoria, but the receptor keeps them from craving their typical opioid and allows them to wean off of that.

Someone who is addicted to heroin, you've seen them go to methadone clinics.

Is this an alternative to that?

They revolutionize the treatment out a dozen years ago because it could treat patients in the privacy of their own practices versus standing in line at a methadone clinic every day.

Where is your biggest market going to be for this?

Patients that have become addicted to opioids.

About 2 million patients are at the head.

Only about 20% or 30% seek therapy.

As i understand it, the prescription drug overdoses are caused by opioid pain relievers all stop unfortunately -- i mean good for you, but unfortunately, a big market with 12 million people reported using painkillers in 2010. the fda has approved the drug.

We are very excited about being approved for the maintenance of opioids.

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