Is Boeing Trying to Break Washington State Unions?

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Jan. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Nick Heymann, industrial analyst at William Blair & Co., discusses a union vote on Boeing manufacturing in Washington State on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

All to break the washington state unions?

I think that the situation is that boeing's preponderance of manufacturing in the northwest around the seattle area has caught up with it.

The union there is obviously looking at a strong backlog for the company and the industry, and boeing has already moved back over to the east coast for -- i think they are clearly trying to reset what has been a legacy set of benefits, particularly with regards to pension, and i think if they are successful with this, i don't think it is a major change.

Caterpillar has already done a lot of this with their workforce.

This goes for detroit and also to windsor, ontario -- union scaling auto versus the new scaling in auto.

How much does a union guy make per hour with airline manufacturers?

I would imagine that if there is some place that differs, the difference between south carolina and seattle is probably 20% to 25%. not extraordinary, but it all adds up.

I think the other thing here is work rules, trying to get the flexibility with regards to how to apply the workforce.

Job classifications.

A lot of this has been done in tougher companies.

Ge is a tougher company about this.

They are moving out of erie for locomotive manufacturing.

Good to have you come in using the snowblower you used this morning.

Nick heymaannn with us.

Company news with erik schatzker.

The request to block pigments

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