Is BlackBerry a Dinosaur in the Mobile Marketplace?

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Aug. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Cristina Alesci, Sageworks Chairman Brian Hamilton and EDventure's Esther Dyson comment on BlackBerry's strategic review. They speak with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Like this is "taking stock" on bloomberg.

I am pimm fox.

Let's go to mark crumpton.

Quite elon musk tom a the chief executive of tesla motors and spacex has revealed some details of buying behind a new mode of solar transportation.

The plan is to enable travelers to move from la to san francisco in 30 minute for $20 using hyperloop.

The charges would pertain to their alleged involvement and attempted to conceal losses from 2012. the us is according to a person familiar with the matter.

James whitey bolger was found guilty of murder by a federal court jury.

Bulger ran a criminal enterprise for 20 years and will likely spend the rest of his life in jail.

He had invaded it ortiz for over 16 years before being captured in santa monica in 2011. those are some of the top stories.

Do not forget to catch "autumn line" coming up at 7:00 p.m. blackberry, the smart phone maker, the board has formed a special committee to explore strategic options here it in the real world, are they going to sell the company?

Let's find out about the struggling filmmaker.

I am joined by brian hamilton, an expert at looking at the world of privately held companies.

He is also the chairman of stage work -- sageworks.

We also have cristina alesci and esther dyson.

She just happens to own a blackberry.

Tell us.

What is the deal?

The company said strategic options.

They said they would explore strategic options.

When they announce that last year they said that a sale was not on the table.

Today we now know that is our ocean -- is option a. the launch of the own is not going as planned, maybe a little more dire than they expect it.

It is not selling as well as they hoped.

What would be the benefit if by gary was privately held company?

Fax--blackberry was a privately held company?

We have two companies that are startups.

What they want to do is go private so they can reengineer their whole business model.

We definitely need to do that.

If the reengineer the model, what is different if they are privately held or not?

It is true.

We are not focused every day on the stock price, the quarterly earnings, the estimates.

You have time to plan your business and try to bakemake a run at this thing.

They have to start again.

They have to reengineer the products, get them popular again and to reorient the entire thing.

It will take time.

Can't you read engine a company like blackberry?

-- can you re-engin a company like blackberry?

I do have a blackberry.

I could not find it.

That is the problem.

People do not talk about them.

They do not share apps on them.

Avella for student develop for them.

The phone is a piece of technology, an ecosystem with things people want on it.

They use it for certain things.

It is not selling it to users.

It is getting the whole thing around.

The reason i have one is because i had a fixed price international data roaming.

That does not take you very far when samsung, apple, android are all doing amazing things.

What about the actual keyboard that many people who have used blackberries in the past find very enticing.

Most of the phones do not have an actual keyboard.

Is that an area that blackberry could still be successful in?

I think they discover it matters less than they thought.

There are also little pointing devices.

There is flexy, which corrects your tight as you type your rate -- are yuou type.

They might not miss it as much as they say they do.

They need to figure out something else for them to do rather than resurrect a blackberry.

They need to take those resources and recycle them.

Is there any value on the balance sheet?

There is cash available.

There is some cash for sure.

The problem will be as far as strategic, may be interested.

They have all had a look to take a look.

It is not news that blackberry is willing to entertain discussions.

They said they were reviewing strategic options.

Presumably if you are in microsoft and you wanted to make a run at blackberry you would have artie done the work.

-- you would have already done the work.

There is not much from the strategic standpoint.

It is unlikely that you can add more debt on this company than is necessary for it to take riot.

There is a fair amount of speculation around this one director that stepped down today because a conflict of interest.

He became the number one shareholder last year, surpassing even one of the founders.

That has generated speculation that he may be part of a group goes ahead and takes blackberry private.

That is purely speculation on the part of some analysts out there.

We have one of the largest pension funds in canada last week.

You could see a situation where maybe some nationalistic interest comes together.

He is known as canada's warren buffett.

He is obviously a national figure.

You can maybe see some national players coming together.

Even if lenovo would want to come in and buy but area they would have to get clearance in the canadian reg -- canadian regulators who look at or in ownership of the companies's rate closely.

This is what library has with the department of defense.

You cannot discount that.

Library shares are higher today by 10.5%. thanks very much.

Speaking of investing in a technology company, next we will talk to a chief executive who is looking for the next big thing.

That is next.


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