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Nov. 19 (Bloomberg) -- Arrowsight CEO Adam Aronson discusses the benefits of remote video auditing technology. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)

I had to learn that acronym, audio video monitoring technology.

This is not just surveys in the streets, but in the workplace.

Describe this.

The easiest way to think about it is almost think about game film and coaching.

We looked at how these sports interviews used game film for many years and we try to adapt those philosophies in the workplace.

Instead of athletic optimization, it's labor optimization.

You review your game films afterwards to improve your product to be, or whatever process you do.

Originally, it started as retroactive reviews.

It has evolved into a lot of real-time monitoring, you know, operating rooms being the best example.

One of the ways this technology is being used in health care, we partnered up with a very large firm called north american partners inc.


It is the largest anesthesia provider in income -- the country.

One of the hospital said, you know, we want to see this technology can work in the operating room setting.

You have the issue of privacy.

If you're going to put cameras in the operating room, how do you do that without -- you know -- compromising the hippo rules and regulations.


We took that right off the table.

Worker privacy was reduced.

Liability was reduced.

What then evolved was looking into those rooms for monitoring centers that we have using this technology but form, looking into those rooms every two minutes and providing real-time feedback to the frontline workers.

If you were in the cleaning department, it would be good to know when a case was coming to a close.

We are alerting them, ok, this case is coming to a close.

The cleaning department can be staged right outside that room to get in there and clean it up.

You make the whole operating procedure more efficient.

It is a combination of efficiency and safety.

By looking at the rooms as frequently as we do, the efficiencies have improved dramatically.

They have been able to capture about an hour a day of additional operating time by sorting the amount of time between the turnover time.

The safety measures are specifically around making sure they do not operate on the wrong part of the body and on the wrong person, and making sure they clean the room fairly well overnight.

They have gotten those compliance issues up to 100%. but health care was not the initial focus when you had the moment you created this company.

He started in the beef industry.

Why in the food business?

10 or 11 years ago when we began the arrowsight initiative, we looked at a lot of industries.

We hired a consulting firm to understand what the best market might be for technology like this.

For a host of reasons, the beef industry was the one they suggested.

Has it changed the incidences of e. coli, for example?

We look -- we work with a very large company called jb s, which is the largest meat company in the world.

This technology has basically improved their metrics and reduced delay rates by 60%. we have to leave it there.

Adam aronson of arrowsight.

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