Is Auto Industry Leaving Tech Innovation to Google?

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July 28 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Contributing Editor Edward Niedermeyer and Bloomberg’s Jeff Green discuss Nissan’s strategy on green auto technology and the battle to create a driverless car. They speak on “In The Loop.”

Talking about nissan and how you believe the ceo is backing away from a big push into driverless vehicles why is that?

I would say he is not keeping up with the rapid pace google is trying to set.

Of all the traditional automakers, nissan has been the one to try the hardest to push the envelope technologically speaking.

The best evidence we have seen is the electric car, the nissan leaf.

No other automaker made the investment globally as nissan did.

It also shows there is a penalty of leadership where investing in the new technology can get a lot of accolades, but a lot of times, the realities of that are not shaken out and we can see that with the nissan leaf.

I have driven it and i am sure you and jeff have, it is not that great of an electric car.

It is not terrible.

It is a first-generation generation.

The first generation of any new technology will be problematic.

That is the problem.

Consumers are realizing new technologies, electric vehicles or autonomous vehicles are starting to become viable and they're starting to have more of an expectation of it.

It is not clear the automakers can really get into the new technologies and make them commercially viable in the short term.

There is an interesting trade-off between short-term reality and long-term goals the technologies are putting up there.

Twice you chime in.

One of the misconceptions about what he has been saying, he more explained in detail the rollout of autonomous cars.

You need charging stations for electric cars.

You can make all the electric cars you want.

You need the info structure.

Autonomous cars, multiply that by 10. you need to have the other cars on the road he visible to the autonomous car.

We can have an autonomous car but it will not see anything else on the road.

It is a slow walk.

Advances have been amazing so far.

Explain that to me.

What is the biggest hurdle?

The car itself can have radar that can see the car in front or behind it or a car or two in any direction, but you need the traffic lights to talk to the car.

You need a car to know how many cars are coming up to the intersection.

They need to know what is happening in the intersection.

Imagine trying to take your hands off the wheel and go through an intersection right now.

All the pieces on and off the road need to talk to each other.

It makes sense, it took elon musk.

Maybe it does take a google to get an auto industry going when it comes to driverless cars.

When you look at some of their stuff in detail, they're saying, there'll in all the weird stuff that happens in traffic, and we are not quite there yet.

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