Is Arrogance Required to Succeed in Silicon Valley?

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Aug. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Founder and CEO Michael Fertik discusses Silicon Valley arrogance and attitudes on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

"bloomberg businessweek," we look at the issue.

Michael for to join this.

-- michael fertik joins us.

Maybe you have occupy silicon valley now with people attacking the google buses and talking about high rent now.

But is this idea about you have this arrogant tech broke, the guy building these companies or the girl building these copies, that you need that in order to change the world?

That is a good question.

This is an article by a friend of mine.

I disclose that.

He asked me about this article a couple of months ago, just gearing up on it.

He covers a lot of ground in the article, talking about programming the fugitive culture of silicon valley -- kind of frat house bros, the arrogance of the entrepreneur and if that is a desirable quality.

Rent is going up.

It covers a lot of ground.

There is a nuance he is trying to map out, which it takes a certain kind of person to do a certain kind of thing in silicon valley.

There is a liberal a terry and politics, an ideology that says anything is possible, we can do anything.

Entrepreneurship and the stuff we do in silicon valley is not silly -- is not physically taxing, but it is hard in certain ways.

Most people think what you will do is dreamy or dumb or flaky or far out, so you have to have a certain amount of arrogance or confidence or conviction to continue to overcome obstacles.

Every company, venture, has ups and downs.

That is not unique to silicon valley.

But in the early chrysalis days of a startup, it is even more seismic, personal, heart wrenching, heartbreaking.

What he called arrogant may be more confidence than other parts of the piece.

It is, michael.

So if there are risks, do we jeopardize the usefulness if we start asking silicon valley to hold a mirror to themselves?

That is a fair question.

One thing philip -- one thing silicon valley is not good at is irony.

We are a little less religiously sincere about itself.

We want to change the world, make the world a better place.

And everything we do is dripping with righteousness.

So if we have more of a sense of humor about ourselves, we would be better off.

You can meet someone in silicon valley who will in all sincerity say yesterday he was swimming with the dolphins and yesterday he came up with a revolutionary idea about how to deliver frozen yogurt to your house.

There are people here, most of us come into our trying to do something more remarkable that is free of the burdens of the past.

Americans are good at the future.

Silicon valley is especially good at the future.

The compressed air on the front of the tip of the spear of the american economy.

So burdening what we do with, whether it is the mirror or regulations, may not be the right approach, but certainly we are the people who want to get into the fight and mix it up and create new things.

It requires a different kind of personality.

A much more -- there was one example of the company in the piece calledyo -- in a piece called yo.

The only thing the app does is it sends the word "yo" to people's phones.

You could look at that on one hand and say when is the ridiculousness going to end and why are we funding companies like that.

But later in the piece it mentions how this app is being used by militants in other parts of the world who are sending each other "yo" messages of places they should not go because there may be a tax -- there may be attackes there.

Let's connect those dots.

Yo is an example that is new and we will bring to people, which does one thing and that is to send the word to people.

But there is another element, one that venture capitalists took umbrage with a criticism of.

This is what is annoying about the silicon valley response.

Venture capital the kind feedback -- the lexicon calling yo to -- i just thought it was obnoxious and dumb.

That is the kind of moment where silicon valley does not have a good sense of irony about themselves.

I don't particularly think it is important, but it may be successful and useful.

But we don't have to elevate it to something that is -- that it is a matter of religious and scientific significance.

It is a map -- it is an app.

We don't have to elevate it to

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