Is Apple to Blame for Worker Deaths in China?

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Dec. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Author Gordon Chang and GGV Capital's Hans Tung discuss Apple sending independent medical experts to a Chinese factory operated by supplier Pegatron after the deaths of some employees. (Source: Bloomberg)

The one thing that jumped out at me was not the discovery that it was cold comfort to the families, that the deaths were not working conditions, but one of the workers was only 15 years old.

With tight timetables, things like this are going to happen.

As long as apple puts pressure on its contractors.

I am really kind of leaning on apple are the ones out there saying that they are the problem , they are trying to change it.

I am really torn about this.

First of all, condolences to the families.

It is terrible news to find out that a son has passed away.

The child was working at a factory.

Anywhere in the world, you can have kids run away and it can happen.

I am curious as to when the last time a factory in china belongs to either foxconn -- i walked around the factory in 2011. are they different?

Cleaning up working conditions, making them better for the employees there?


I think that there has been some progress, especially since the worker suicides at foxconn in 2010. obviously, these problems persist.

This is going to continue for quite some time.

The number of hours are 53. we know the way this system works, a lot of unreported overtime.

They don't tell apple the truth.

People are going to die.

We have seen similar reports about samsung.

We find out that samsung is moving 40% of their production to vietnam, if they are going after even cheaper labor, who knows?

Maybe worse conditions?

[indiscernible] foxconn reported a number of suicides.

The factory i saw was still very impressive.

In what way were they impressive?

They were huge.

The number of employees was 400,000. that is roughly the population of oakland.

The number of murders in oakland was 104. i will argue based on statistics that it is safer to work at the plant then to be nearby in the bay area.

The second statistic, one million factory workers in china.

Over one million.

We look at that versus elsewhere , and it is way better.

This is not the 1980s before people had awareness.

I don't know if it is fundamentally fair to compare the poor people in a difficult community to someone going to work to make expensive computer devices and face the same risks.

China is still developing.

It is a third world country.

[talking over each other] foxconn versus apple, i will have to agree with gordon.

It is something that they should think about.

Not just a factory workers, but also the terms for the manufacturers themselves.

They are much better people than people portray them to be.

Thank you very much.

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