Is Apple or Microsoft Better Positioned for Growth?

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July 23 (Bloomberg) -- Greg Rayburn, founder at Kobi Partners, and Bloomberg Contributing Editor David Kirkpatrick examine the current fortunes of Apple and Microsoft in relation to stocks, products and growth potential. They speak on “In The Loop.”

-- we always look for clues.

What does that tell you about the iphone six and the ipad and the iphone sales.

The iphone is on a roll.

Cannot deny that.

Many people are impressed with how much apple has revised the business, even though they are excited about the next one, it is good news even if they are depressing sales a little bit of the current model.

They're really taking off in the developed world.

It is really good for them.

The opportunity they have around the world is gigantic.

Americans always underestimate the potential of these companies globally when a look at prospects.

When they look at china, they have to achieve not only growth but also pricing power.

At what point do both of those -- they have good pricing power in china.

These people in china -- apple's drain and is so strong in china.

They know in china as well as here.

We were having this debate off camera on apple than i do not disagree with anything you said.

I think it is a great company and it has great products.

I do not know if it is a great stock.

I do not think it is the same company anymore.

Last year, there was a lot of talk of what the next product would be an apple.

They talk about iwatch is.

I do not see that is the big game changer.

My 19-year-old son has never owned a watch.

I do not know how big the market is to begin with.

It is a value stock and not a growth stock anymore.

They make a lot of money, yes.

My question is, is it's fairly balanced now?

, negros stocks are there that are 100 and $40 billion per year ? i would agree -- i would disagree that it is not necessarily a fundamental product they need.

This was a big shift for them.

It was important for both companies.

That could ignite a lot of growth even with the products they have now.

That is the way they're looking at it.

Twice we think of it is stuff we buy and, corporations by.

They well might.

Employees wanted.

-- want it.

Can microsoft and you need to slim as they grow?

That is the question.

Microsoft is closer to a growth stock now man in general.

They have a new leader who is a visionary.

Not financially advisable but probably strategically smart.

They have to get global dna.

I think they have got enormous opportunities.

Still as profitable as apple.

Not as big which is so funny for me because i've been covering these for 20 years and microsoft is much smaller than apple and i still have trouble getting used to that.

Are they to slim or flexible?

A huge job cut.

18,000 people there cutting, which they have to.

The on that, about 80,000 of those.

Those are the things the new leader has to do to lean up and get them pivoted for growth.

We have to leave it there.

Clearly the conversation during the break will be huge.

We will be back in two minutes.


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