Is Apple Losing the Respect of Tech Leaders?

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Jan. 27 (Bloomberg) –- Techonomy CEO David Kirkpatrick and Bloomberg’s Cory Johnson discuss the future of Apple with Tom Keene and Betty Liu on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Used to be.

The idea here to be a blue-chip company, moved cash out, are they losing the respect of the bloomberg west world?

I think the onions are intact.

I think this is a company that has positioned itself with a company like -- fortresslike allergy.

They have not lost respect of the leaders of tech.

Final night of.

Most -- of davos i went to an interesting dinner.

Almost everyone in the room raised their hands for having an iphone.

If you wrote apple effect right now, how would you and the book?

-- end the book?

How would you end it right now?

Alternate way, i think tim

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