Apple, Comcast in Talks for Streaming Box: Report

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March 24 (Bloomberg) -- Apple and Comcast are said to be in talks about teaming up for a streaming-television service. Scarlet Fu reports on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)


Broken the last 12 hours.

According to "the wall street journal" apple and talked with comcast for a streaming service that uses an apple set top box.

Discussions are in the early stages, according to people familiar with the situation, but possibly the best indication yet apple will finally offer consumers an incentive to cut the cord.

Let me talk to brendan greeley.

I have no clue what scarlet just said.

Can you translate this?

Until now, there have been a couple of basic agreement in place completely unenforceable that said no content provider can have any service faster than any other content provided.

Apple, youtube, anybody who makes video, they can get to your house any faster than the other, they cannot pay to get there faster.

That is about to change.

You have netflix saying they are willing to pay comcast to get faster to your house and now apple.

The only reason to have a deal is if apple can get to your house faster than anybody else.

Is comcast doing it because of nbc or is comcast doing this -- i mean, this is a hardware distribution deal.

Netflix is more content distribution.

They are doing this because they can.

Comcast has an absolute chokehold over a third of the american market -- they may after the time warner deal.

They are losing pay-tv subscribers and is a revenue they are not getting that they could be getting.

What is it mean for innovation?

Long-term it is a real problem.

You have companies that are established by now -- apple, netflix, google -- trying to figure out how to disrupt tvs.

The second they can get into a comfortable relationship with cable providers and tempe extra money they can keep any the companies from innovating.

We don't know what the next netflix is but netflix may be able to prevent that from happening.

Tom, you are confused, because when you talk about appleview are just looking at use of cash and whether it is overvalued or undervalued.

We spoke to the legg mason chairman last week and this is what he says about apple.

Trades at below-market multiple in terms of p/e ratio, has more cash on its balance sheet, close to $160 billion, the most profitable company in the history of the world.

Apple is his biggest holding.

And richard clarida from pimco as well.

This is not your wheelhouse.

Do you use apple tv at home?

I use it for everything else.

But, no.

The apple tv you are talking about -- about right now is the hockey puck.

Did you say hockey puck because he spent the whole weekend in a rink?

I did.

We need to do more on this.

We will be speaking to an analyst in the next hour to find out what it means.

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