Is Amazon's Fire Phone a Threat to Apple, Samsung?

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June 18 (Bloomberg) -- jumped into the smartphone market with a handset called Fire Phone that is closely tied to the Web retailer’s other services, ramping up competition with Apple and Samsung Electronics. Brad Stone takes a look at the new phone on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

They did a great job creating something distinctive.

The 3-d screen, it is dynamic perspective.

The images jump out because it has those cameras.

It is weird.

There is an app called firefly.

You can point it at any product or listen to a song and it can give you a buying opportunity.

It is inventive.

The price is not as low as some people thought.

It is $200 for a two-year contract with at&t. amazon might have to do better than that.

That is the hard thing.

So much competition in this market space.

Are they too late?

Brad stone, we have seen phones go out of fashion very quickly before.

I can think to to the blackberry.

It was a few years ago.

It was hot stuff.

That market has changed.

Customers generally like to stay with an ecosystem of apps.

Google play, ios, they have over one million each.

Amazon is building its store.

They are trying to fill in any holes.

It is an inferior browser.

It has its own e-mail program.

It needs to build more developer interest.

That is a big challenge.

How similar is the, the technology that uses with the wants.

You might be able to use your phone and go to your fridge rater and say, i am a male, scan it.

Then you buy that milk from amazon.

Is that a mechanism they are putting in place?

Amazon -- that they have rolled out to some members, that is a particular use.

It's candy bar code.

You get that carton of milk delivered.

On the fire phone, it is meant to be versatile.

It pays attention to the world.

It takes a photograph.

They want developers to come in and build an online radio station.

Someone listens to a song and you could come and build a playlist.

They will need to get developers on board to make that happen.

They will privilege the amazon service.

Music and video.

Can they do that?

It is a big question.

Will you get enough developers interested in this ego space?

That is the big question.

There is a lot of competition for developers.

Developers want scale.

Amazon does not release any numbers.

They will not release any numbers about the phone.

If you note that you have handsets out there, you might pay attention to google.

When we look at the future of this company, it seems quite enormous.

That is reflected in the valuation.

You wrote this book "the everything stork." what is the potential customer the retail site itself is in a dozen countries.

It is a grocery and apparel.

They are just getting started.

That said, with the phone, investors are worried that jeff bezos would be jeff bezos and discount the thing.

Stock prices are up.

People are pretty comfortable.

They do not need to be selling the phone.

Broadstone, thank you.

Author of "the everything stork." we'll be back with more

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