Amazon Using Drones to Write Their Narrative: Stone

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Dec. 2 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Businessweek's Brad Stone discusses Amazon's aerial strategy with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

"the everything store." at least leave anyone has any idea about this, it would be you.

Does this surprise you?

Of course.

This is a far out idea.

You can't write it off.

Amazon has had a lot of nutty ideas over the years.

To be sure, as jeff claimed quite openly on the 60 minutes piece, it's not happening anytime soon.

The faa is talking 2020 really for this kind of unmanned aerial traffic in our skies.

Talk about the challenge that would be involved.

You mentioned interference?


If someone wants to grab one.

There are also questions about a device delivering one item at a time.

Our skies would be filled.

Would they put lots of boxes in a truck and achieve scale that way?

I think it has more to do with the state that jeff was making about amazon itself.

Ok, let's talk about that.

Why mention this now?

I think it's reflects the kind of risks they like to take.

They want to be seen as big thinkers, as a risk takers.

Look, amazon is a discount retailer.

And like all discount retailers -- they need to be comfortable with the larger economic impact they can have.

Amazon had a lot of labor problems in europe.

Let's talk about that.

Are they trying to divert attention from that?

There are workers striking in europe, in germany right now.

I do not think it is a matter of diverting attention.

They are on their own.

It's cyber monday.

Amazon does have its share of stories.

To be clear, walmart is facing a lot tougher scrutiny in the u.s. and around the world.

Amazon is on that path where people will begin to scrutinize the way in which it treats its employees.

It is very frugal.

We will see if there is more trouble along those lines.

You've talk to workers writing your book.

How taxing is it to work in the fulfillment centers?

They do have extra staff, but it's tough.

I talked to a lot of workers, temporary workers who plan these years, who like it.

I'm not willing to sit here and say that these jobs are bad because they are hard.

People generally know what they are signing up for an amazon is paying higher than the minimum wage.

They do make mistakes.

The big one is the lack of air conditioning in southwestern facilities.

That is something that they have corrected.

Also, jeff raises likes space.

Space exploration.

It's this marrying his passions?

I don't know.

I think they are pretty separate.

Maybe this does reflect his greater interest in these technology leads.

It's a very different kind of problem sets.

Mostly i think it is him trying to position amazon as being futuristic, risk-taking, at a time when we might see them as a discount retailer.

And rb ever going to see amazon drones?


You say yes?

In our lifetime?

There are practicalities that have to be overcome.

How much do you want to wager?

You made a lot of money on this book.

I think in our lifetime.

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