Is Amazon Overextending Its Reach?

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July 24 (Bloomberg) -- BGC Partners' Colin Gillis and Bloomberg's Adam Satariano comment on Amazon's second-quarter loss and business strategy. They speak with Emily Chang and Cory Johnson on "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Sign of progress will stop things may have taken a turn for the worse in gaza.

A u.n. school crowded with palestinians hit by shells killing at least 16 people.

It wasn't immediately -- immediately clear who was responsible but the israeli army confirmed that was battling with hamas in the area earlier today.

Secretary john kerry is in egypt working toward a cease-fire, but no tangible sign of a cease-fire.

He has been busy on the phone working several people in the region and israel a prime minister benjamin netanyahu says the military operation in gaza will continue and hamas has vowed to keep fighting.

The death toll now over 700, more than 4600 injured.

The biggest development on the u.s. side is the faa decision to lift the flight ban on u.s. carriers.

The band angered israelis as well as members of congress.

United and fedex are resuming flights, but we do have american airlines right now and other airlines inking about whether or not they should resume their flights.

Thank you very much for bringing us that.

We want to stay here in the middle east where we are

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