Is Alibaba the World’s Most Anticipated IPO?

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Nov. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg News’ Leslie Picker discusses expectations for an initial public offering by ecommerce site Alibaba on the heels of its sales success during China’s Singles’ Day event and why the company may choose to file in the United States. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

Thing on the ipo world.

Every bank is looking at it.

Every bank is clamoring to take a part in this deal.

As of yesterday, they have not picked any underwriters.

There is still a lot of moving parts up in the air but everyone is anticipating a big amount of hype surrounding this deal.

The one day of sales, i'm wondering if we are looking at this where they are thinking about it or they are publicizing it more.

It does not hurt.

The $6 billion number for one day of sales is tremendous.

It was captured in all of the major newspapers in the u.s. and around the world.

It is something that companies often do.

They like to tout their big successes going into an ipo.

They make strategic acquisitions, gearing up towards becoming a public company with a lot more scrutiny.

Why list in the u.s. at all?

Why not the hong kong or stains?

Is comes down to a duel class share structure.

Alibaba would like to maintain more control of things like nominating our directors.

So, the partnership which consists of the founders as well as some senior employees want to pursue a dual cost structure.

His is only possible in the u.s.. this is not something you can do in hong kong.

-- this is only possible in the u.s. they could possibly have both sides agree on something.

Now, they are leaning potentially towards listing here although no changes have been made yet.

I'm wondering how much the tax issues are hanging over this deal, at least certainly slowing it down.

Is there a sense that they have figured out the answer?

The yahoo!

Ownership part is interesting.

It has a role in the timing of the ipo because they don't need this for general working capital purposes.

They need this to pay aly baba back.

--alibaba back.

The ducks are quacking.

The market is certainly looking for new ipo's. extraordinary.

Thank you.

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