Is Alan Mulally the Next CEO of Microsoft?

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Sept. 27 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "The Roundup," Bloomberg's Adam Johnson, Julie Hyman, Olivia Sterns and Carol Massar wrap up the day’s top market stories on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Ceo is leading the race to replace steve ballmer at microsoft.

He was not seeking the microsoft job at first, but he has come around.

There is no change in the lands for him to stay with the automaker through next year -- in plans for him to stay at the automaker through next year.

That is what he told matt miller.

Microsoft says nothing has changed.

Clearly, he has this reputation of being a great turnaround guy.

He for that, he was at boeing for almost 40 years.

I wonder, and i do not mean to be rude, i just wonder about his age.

68 years old.

When you are in crisis, he helped make that company that much stronger.

He has been a special advisor.

A have a very close relationship -- they have a very close relationship.

It is about innovation.

Apple, they have been wrestling with that, the loss of steve jobs.

I wonder if some shareholders would be more comfortable with younger blood.

That is a tricky one.

I want to tell you about beat z. it hits all the right notes.

The headphone company cofounded by dr.


Valuing the company at more than $1 billion.

Htc is getting out of the business.

That is interesting as well.

Beats has been losing a little bit of traction.

I thought they were still supercooled.

I do not know what that says about me.

All of the cool kids in the new york city subway have their beats on.

Htc used software from google to introduce their first smartphones.

The stock is at an eight year low.

These tech companies that are on top that one point and very quickly, they change direction.

You have to reinvent yourself constantly.

I kind of like that the carlyle guys are getting into this.

Remember what private equity response to.

Let's talk about one business -- electronic arts will not be putting out its popular college football videogame next season.

The company is settling a lawsuit.

The players said they should have been paid.

If you play this game, you can see the faces of some of these former ncaa players.

If you are going to use my face, i should be paid.

I feel for these guys.

If somebody is making money off of it, is it fair?

They are getting an education, what is that worth?

Julie and i were talking about it earlier.

It is a multibillion dollar business.

Texas a&m, their stadium is getting renovated for $450 million.

In order to bring in revenue.

If they have a nicer stadium, they will get more ticket sales.

We could talk about this one for a while.

I have something about

They filed for their ipo.

According to the london daily telegraph, the company's worth is about $5 billion.

The company is the same confidential registration technique that twitter used.

You do not know candy crush?

30 billion times a month.

How many times people are playing this thing.

Some of these european game makers taking over this mantle.

People are obsessed with this thing.

Do not forget what happened to "farmville" -- there is a long way for it to go down.

30 billion users.

The problem with "farmville" -- you are spending real money on fake stuff.

I want to move it onto the yankees.

The most successful relief

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