Who Wants Berlusconi's Billion-Dollar Soccer Team?

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March 6 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg News’ Cristina Alesci examines the potential billion dollar windfall for former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi as he is said to weigh a sale of seven-time European soccer champion AC Milan on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.”

That in america.

I do.

How much is this thing worth?

We are talking about an estimated value of $950 million.

That remains to be seen, we only know the value when there is a sale.

This is for an extraordinary brand, a team that has not been performing.

Ranked 10, in danger of missing the regional championships.

That could take a big bite out of revenue.

It is a team in need of turnaround.

Why is it -- is it because of the distraction of italian politics that berlusconi has not overseeing the team's success?

All of the teams in the italian we are somewhat troubled.

Part of it is that these teams have not been modernized and have not gone as global as they can.

And italian industry that has not been modernized?

Exactly, that is the main problem.

These teams have to be more global in their reach.

The real growth will come from asia.

That is why we have seen an influx of asian buyers into the italian teams.

Another team based out of milan, inter, was sold to a group of indonesian buyers.

That has caused the valuation of these teams to go up.

Yesterday, manchester united's valuation went up.

Man u is public?

Yes, it is a good benchmark for evaluation.

Soccer, unlike american football, is a global sport.

That is what makes it valuable.

You cannot export the nfl the way you can soccer.

And a sense as to where the buyer might come from?

The asians have been spending money on soccer clubs.

Oligarchs, russian oligarchs love soccer, too.

They own two teams in the english premier league -- chelsea and another one.

We could see any deep-pocketed investors stepped in.

Three years ago, un-american -- do you need to be deep pocketed?

To own a sports team?

To own a soccer team.

How do you do talk attack to be -- how do you do p -- dhow deep doi pockets have to be?

An american ask hedge fund or bought roma.

Do we know why berlusconi is selling?

We do not know.

Informally this team has been on the block for the last year, scouting offers.

The news is that lazard has sent out what it is calling an extended teaser with detailed financial information about the team.

It seems like it has gotten a lot more serious in recent weeks.

If i were hosting a party and

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