Is a `Siri-Like’ Function Coming to Windows Phones?

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Feb. 21 (Bloomberg) –- On today’s “The Roundup,” Matt Miller, Julie Hyman, Olivia Sterns and Jeffrey Hayzlett wrap up the day’s top market stories on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)


Groupon fallen sharply after they missed analyst estimates because of acquisitions and marketing costs.

Groupon forecasted first-quarter sales off as much as 760 million -- $710 million?

It was short about three quarters a million dollars is what they said.

They bought a south korean e-commerce site and they bought ideeli.

I have been approaching these because they want to broaden it out beyond daily deals because there are so many other daily deals sites are the well.

Groupon struggling against this and you think they would have this earth out advantage.

They lost it.

I think the one that is really going after them and doing a better job as amazon.

Everyday i get my amazon daily deal e-mail.

I used to use groupon.

It was not as broad as what i get with amazon.

I get a lot more stuff.

What about this thing called deal builder.

It is exactly meant to copy amazon marketplace.

Do you think that's viable?

It's a good idea that brings them more sales.

That's what they need to be focused on, sales, sales.

At the end of dinner, i pay for it.

I like a coupon and i am a coupon kind of guy.

I will go and i got a high deal the other day and i got two for five dollars and that was cool.

You were in the mood for pie.

I did not know about it and i thought it was cool.

I also brought discount tickets for some of the museums.

If matt wants to go to sesame street live, he's just going to go.

He's going to bayer full price.

You are all weirdos.

-- he's going to pay full price.

Features changes for the windows phone.

It will change the built-in bing search feature and it will frown with emotion.

It will be backed by bing and foursquare.

I don't know.

I did tell you are skeptical.

Do you think voice recognition is ever going to work out go unless it is in a spike jonze movie.

They work.

Back in the early 1990 cost i had a wildfire.

It was a british voice and people would call me just to talk to wildfire.

Those things do work.

It's whether these will be good enough, sexy enough.

The girl doing it that does the a.i. for halo -- is she sexy enough?

I think every woman is sexy because i'm not goign tong to go there.

Are people going to buy the phone because of it?

I don't want my assistant to give me fake.

Your assistance in real life do give you fast.

Microsoft has not introduced a new version of the phone since 2012. will that be enough?

The animated big frown is on me because i do not think it is big enough.

You are a strange person.

What's the weirdest thing you've ever asked siri?

Mind doesn't work.

It stopped working after like a week.

I hold the button and nothing happens.

Under armour survive the controversy over its much-maligned speed skating suit extending his contract through 2022. it was criticized after u.s. speed skaters failed to win any medals.

Members had complained that the high-tech defense contract -- and these were made with lockheed martin, they were contributing to the bad performance.

Can you believe that?

" the wall street journal" said there was a defect in the ventilation.

You never hear of a tennis player say you did not win wimbledon because of the strings.

Only from source losers.

-- sore losers.

They had to go back or this would have been a mar on their reputation to lose the olympics and the contract.

The fact they got it back, i think it cost them something.

Maybe no one else was trying to get it.

Shares were up today but they were up before the deal was announced.

Year to date shares up 23%. is under armour and it's cool.

It's good stuff.

I like the stuff.

And they did revert back to the outfits they used in the olympic trials because they thought they could shave time off.

You wear it under your football pads.

You don't wear it in speed skating because no one does speed skating.

Or hanging out in my apartment.

Speaking of your apartment late at night, rupert murdoch has some new digs in madison city agreeing to buy a triplex and another full floor right below so it is a quadplex.

He will have a wraparound terrace with views of those rivers and downtown.

Only cost him that the $7 million.

-- $57 million.

He lost his new york apartment in his divorce to wendy deng.

It's a cool place.

We looked at that same building.

Very cool place.

Or a lot cheaper money, he would have come to stay with me.

We have a third bedroom.

Why would you want to live below 57th?

If you are watching, you're welcome to crash with jeff wilder places being renovated.

It's a cool place.

I don't want to give out any personal details but i'm the only one that lives above 57th and by that i mean 17 miles.

We are going to take a quick break.

Jeff, always a pleasure.

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