Is 4K Ultra HD a TV Game Changer?

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Dec. 20 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Andy Fixmer reports on exactly what 4K Ultra HD is and how Netflix is going to stream it in 2014. He speaks to Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

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4k ultra hd may be the next frontier in television technology and netflix says the new season of "house of cards" will be available in the 4k format.

Will this be a game changer?

We talk about4g. what is 4k? it is the new high definition.

It is twice the resolution of hd we have now.

It is super crisp and clear and developed by sony and they call it 4k but the and history is adopting it as ultra-hd.

If netflix is on board, do i have to buy a new tv?

Probably not just yet.

They are still working out some kinks with this.

The file sizes are really big.

Streaming these files, you will need at least a 50 megabit connection, not a lot of u.s. households have that outside of maybe the biggest cities.

Also, there is not a lot of content yet in ultra-hd.

Sony is the only major studio that is doing all of their films in ultra-hd.

There is not a lot of content and distribution is still a little limited or it what do you make of the fact that netflix is trying to get out in front of what they think could be the new standard?

I think netflix has always tried to get out in front of whatever the next standard is.

They carried blue ray discs early on.

When you had the dvds instruction by mail, for a few bucks extra, you could get those same films in blue ray.

They push the envelope when it came to streaming and were the first to get law a large library of film and tv shows on the web.

It makes perfect sense they would want to do this.

It's interesting they are doing this so far without any added fee.

It is twice the resolution, twice the video quality for the same price.

How do we know this will not be another 3d? 3d tv has not really taken off so many people did not invest in it are in i compare it to the transition from vhs to dvd.

There was a big spike and that is what happened from standard definition to vhs to hd-dvd.

When they tried to move the dvd to the blue ray, a lot of people shrugged.

They said maybe that's not for me.

There is definitely a market there and in interest from a segment of the market that was willing to pay a premium but the adoption was much slower.

What we are seeing with the ultra-hd and the 4k is adoption

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