Is 2016 the Year of Hillary Clinton?

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Jan. 29 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg White House reporter Jonathan Allen discusses how Hillary Clinton has transformed herself so successfully into a political leader with Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Comeback kid.

How has she managed to transform herself so successfully?

This is someone who has had a lot of experience at both success and failure, learning from mistakes.

She had a high-profile job in the obama administration where she was able to spend four years selling america's brand, so that is largely responsible for her rise back from a trouble spot any american political spectrum to one where she is at least well off as she was heading into the 2008 presidential race and potentially better off.

There was a time when she was very polarizing.

She seems to have taken a backseat in this administration and that she has not done quite as public as one might inc.. has that helped her?

For the last year, after having left the state department, she has not been as public.

Traveling around the world gave her an opportunity to sell the brand and that's popular.

When she's working for the man who defeated her, she's in a position where she's doing something politically popular.

When she gets back into electoral politics, you should expect to see those numbers slide a little bit and looked at anymore polarizing way by the american public.

Rex it's bound to come.

A® la tex is politics.

You spent some time one-on- one with her.

What does she attribute her turnaround to?

I should say it has been reported that i spoke to her for the book and i'm not confirming or denying any sources.

What she looks at and what the people who work around her look at are the sort of skills you develop in government as being something important to her all stop she felt like if she did a good job in the job that she had that it would an offender.

She says you should succeed or ever you are.

We heard from the president last night talking about women in the workforce and the challenges they face.

Women are only earning $.77 on the dollar.

Take a listen to what they had to say.

Women make up about half our workforce, but they still make $.77 for every dollar a man earns.

That's wrong and in 2014, it is an embarrassment.

Women deserve equal pay for equal work.

She deserves to have a baby without sacrificing her job.

A mother deserves a day off to care for a sick child or sick parent without running into hardship.

A father does, also.

It's time to do away with workplace policies that belong in an episode of "mad men." we sow republicans put forth cathy mcmorris rodgers and one has to think perhaps it was a little deliberate that they chose a woman to issue the republican rebuttal?

Congresswoman rogers is the highest ranking woman in the congressional leadership on the republican side.

Somebody i thought had a message of optimism and then up the message.

Very often these rebuttals are difficult to give.

It is hard to go opposite the president.

Rex you're just talking to a camera as opposed to a live audience.

Republicans are struggling with this issue of a gender gap.

They are perceived as not being as much in women's corners.

How do they combat that if you have hillary clinton running in 2016? this has been a problem for republicans in several of the last elections.

Democrats have been doing a good job of winning over women voters.

Mitt romney did all right with women border -- with women voters in the oldest category, but this is an issue women will have to get in front of.

They stop -- they will have to stop having candidates who felt like they say something terrible.

You have some you like todd akin who says something about rape or abortion that's turning off a lot in the middle.

They have to talk about these issues like the wage gap between men and women.

I know a lot of women who don't think it's enough progress.

Thank you so much.

We are glad to have you here at

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