Bitcoin's Second Wind: Will Apple Join the Game?

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June 6 (Bloomberg) -- Matt Miller reports on Bitcoin’s “second wind” Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)


I spent all night talking to people onredit and tweeting about it.

I called up my buddies in venture capital.

It's a number of different things but the general idea is that big corporations, big money , venture capital, even government regulation -- everybody seems to be getting behind it even television news anchors are not so cynical anymore as they have been on the past.

Don't look at me.

If apple allows coin-based and other bitcoin apps onto its ecosystem, that's a huge thing for adoption.

So many wealthy people would be investors in bitcoin and use apple products.

I personally got rid of my iphone and got a samsung because it was easier to use my wallet on android.

Dish is another thing.

It's a big large corporation that realizes that this is an easy way to get paid for free so why not take it?

Many other people will do the same.

You heard john donahoe from ebay talking about taking it and the paypal ceo says he is long bitcoin.

If you look at the venture capital money over the last three years, it's amazing.

In 2012, $2 million of venture capital money came into the bitcoin startup world.

Last year, $88 million and this year, it's only june, we've got $113 million.

The big names are buying into it.

What about the tax issue?

The irs ruling -- it is widely misunderstood or it it's not that if you make money in bitcoin oversees you don't have to pay capital gains.

You don't need to report those accounts.

The irs is getting into this and regulating it.

U.s. regulators are on the forefront of bitcoin regulation around the world.

None of it has been incredibly china style negative or russia styled negative.

All in all, the signs are looking good.

Thank you so much.

We're a few moments away from the opening bell on this job day and we have the top 10 trades you don't want to miss after this right.

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