Ironman Muscles to Top of Crowded Endurance Field

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June 12 (Bloomberg) -- Andrew Messick, Chief Executive Officer of Ironman, discusses the continued growth of the event more than 20 years after its inception and its fight to stay relevant and grow the brand in the face of mounting competition from other endurance events. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.”

Took off.

Early to mid-1990's phenomenal growth for triathlons.

The sport continues to draw people, but it does have competition.

How do you keep them?

I think we have to continue to capture the imagination of athletes.

Ironman is the hardest one-day endurance event in the world.

It is achievable for anyone, but it is an enormous commitment, huge accomplishment.

To require sacrifice, and people who want to embrace the challenge of repairing -- preparing and racing.

Who wants to do that?

I do not know if people can't fathom the amount of training and commitment it takes us to swim 2.4 miles alone competitively am a little moan bike for more than a century and run a marathon.

The key point you used was athlete.

These guys live for it.

If i want to get a group of friends together to do tough mother, maybe i have not done any training we will go out and have fun.

-- tough mudder.

It is a huge difference.

If you go to any of the ironman races anywhere in the world, you will see people in their 70's. but most of them look like this.

Wealthy, not quite middle-aged and well-educated.


And they are deeply engaged in the pursuit and accomplishment.

It is an achievement -- bucket list type of thing, right?

It is.

People sacrifice and work enormously hard and take it serious week, and the type of people who do that generally in their lives tend to be successful.

It does not just take amendment, it takes dough.

Just the cycling part will require spending several thousand dollars on the frame, the wheels.

That may not make you competitive with the folks that are writing even better bikes -- riding even better bikes.

You can spend as much as you want on anything.

You can do ironman on a $1000 bike or $20,000 bike.

These people are accessed with performance.

If you can shave seconds off by spending more money on the equipment, you will.

They do.

You have seen the sign of intel quick the people sign up for this.

Are these first-timers or d.c. a lot of repeaters -- do you see a lot of repeaters?

We see a lot of repeaters.

Most of the people have done shorter distance races, often with us.

On average people who race do a race and a half with us each year.

We have a lot of new people because a lot of people who stay with us for the lifestyle and because of what it does for them.

How is this a business?

How does ironman generate revenue?

You are owned by a private equity, private -- providence equity owns ironman.

We have been owned by providence for just over five years now.

We have had great support from them integrate her donorship.

Our revenue and the just over half comes from ashley registration fees, sponsorship, and licensing and merchandising business and media and other strains.

The core of the business is around athletes registering for and competing in races.

When you look at competition, how easy is it for me to go and start an ironman?

It is easy to start it.

Getting someone to sign up for it is a different story.

Of the 40 largest in the world, 37 are ours.

One race in germany, two races in japan, and other than that it is pretty much ironman branded.

How many have you done?

3 full.

And you lived to tell the tale.

Who are you marketing to?

How do you broaden the appeal so it is less rich, less white, more inclusive him a more international?

International is something we spend a huge amount of time on.

We have more than half of the races, two thirds are outside north america.

We put the 2013 version of ironman brazil on sale last week . sold out in 16 minutes.

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